Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back from the Break

My mom and I decided to stay downtown Waikiki for a few days in a hotel.
Taking the punkin out of her routine is stressful....... FOR ME

I sent the hub an email before I left telling him I was going. It basically said that I know you hate to talk to me on the phone and since you dont call and only email I guess I wont hear from you til I get back.

I got a 2 word reply... which I got today... it said.... "NOT FUNNY
Apparently he hates to email me too

I'm being bitter today.

Anyways, we stayed downtown. It poured here for the last 2 days almost non-stop. Everytime we tried to go out it rained.

The hotel we stayed at is under MAJOR renovation but when I called I was told that all the guest rooms were finished and brand spankin new and the restaurants were still open. We've stayed there before and it's right next to the military hotel/parking lot so basically that was the reason we picked it.......

Cheap parking!

Monday we got there about 415pm. It was raining. The initial plan was to go walk over to the mili hotel and eat dinner. We nixed that idea cuz we didn't want to take punkin out in the rain. So we ate in the hotel.. then went up to the room and went to sleep at like 9:30.

930 bedtime for me... thats pathetic.

Tuesday we get up and its raining. Hubby called (yes he actually called)and I miss the call cuz I'm in the shower and mom didn't here the phone ring. .. Yes my day is off to a pissy start.

First we were going to go walk to breakfast but it was raining. So we ate in the hotel.. again.. at the SAME restaurant we ate at the night before. Then we decide to go to Ala Moana mall shopping.

We go upstairs.. get the baby packed, stroller, diaper bag, food.. all that baby stuff. Then head downstairs. We get downstairs and its pouring,(Now the parking lot is almost directly diagonal from the hotel .. not far, but far enough with a baby in the stroller in the rain.) so we wait in the lobby for a few minutes and finally it lightens up.

We decide to make a break for it...and head for the car.. We get all the way over there and I don't have my car keys. I look everyehere. my pockets, the diaperbag , my purse. I don't have them. I decide to book to the room and get the keys, it'll be easier then all three of us trekking back to the hotel and then back to the parking lot.

I leave my mom, the punkin in her stroller and a blanket.. and head upstairs. It's still lightly raining so I'm not too worried. I get to the room and my keys are on the corner of the bed. Apparently in loading the punkin.. I put them down and never picked them back up.

I get back downstairs.. I make decent time but apparently while I'm up there it rained again. I get back and my mom is soaked and the punkin is dry. She had taken the blanket and herself and made like an umbrealla. I felt bad.... but she didn't want to change.

We went to the mall ... she bought an umbrella.

It was pouring when we left for dinner.

We went to dinner with the only 2 friends I can hang out with at the coolest little restaurant ever called La Mariana(shameless plug,lol). It's the last of the old Hawaii tiki bars left here. It's way off the beaten path and if you don't know where it is you'll never find it. There was like 10 people in the whole place and they have this amazing piano player who is blind. We ate and the punkin danced to the piano. My mom loved it, she can't wait to take my stepdad there when they come out next time.

It was pouring after dinner.(i'm sick of rain)

We got back up to the room.. and as we were settling in. Hubby called back.

I called you this morning., you didnt answer, were you with your boyfriend.
Yes.. me, the boyfriend,my mom and the punkin. They both love him.
He's a Marine.

NOT FUNNY.. he says. (hehe.. smartass question, smartass answer.)

We talk for about 2 more seconds (Typical) then ... hey I gotta go. love you. love you back.

Then I went to bed. I'm home today.

It's a sad day when your home is more relaxing than your vacation.


trying said...

I feel you on vacation being more stressful with little ones. I hope you got to relax some! and enjoy the rest of the time with your mom : )

wendy said...

he's a marine - wa ha aha ~

all this rain has been making me a little grouchy.

But how fun to stay downtown. I hate to have to admit this, but I've never even been to the Ala Moana mall. I'm a loser...