Sunday, January 27, 2008

The MPs Again? geez.

The crackhead upstairs was at it again.......sort of.

So my mom is here and she is staying with me. It's nice to have some company other than the punkin in the house.

Friday night we are sitting on the couch and there is all this raucous outside. My mom is like.. what's going on out there, is it always like this.

I tell her yes.. the girl upstairs is a crackhead. I proceed to tell her the whole story about her.

(For all your newcomers.. she was cheating on her hubby while he was in Iraq and got busted. Now they are getting divorced but she's allowed to live upstairs while random dudes come in and out, and he's in the barracks or wherever they banished him to. )
She says.. that's not fair. I agreed with her but welcome to housing.

I digress, I look out the window and see 2 dudes carrying a couch down the stairs and load it into the back of a pickup.

I think... SCORE! Crackhead's finally out!
I don't bother to look out the window again but hear them continue to move stuff out for the next few hours......then it stops.
I wish...... I never looked out that window.

Somewhere about 10:45 my doorbell rings. I think it's the crackhead, so I look out the window low and behold...

MPS!!!!................................Crap! I open the door.

The Mps ask me if I had heard any noise or disturbance. I say yea, but that's nothing new. Then they ask did I see anything. I told them 2 guys took out a couch and loaded into a pick up.

They looked at each other with that.. she knows something look.

Turns out.. that wasn't crackhead. Crackhead's hubby or hubby's friends snuck into the house while she was gone and took all her/his shit. Apparently he has a restraining order and can't come in or near the house. They wanted to see if I could identify anyone.

I told them I couldn't .....I just saw the back of the dudes heads and they were in ACUs. That's all I got.

They said thanx.. we'll be back we got to get a statement. Great, I know how this works.. I'll be up all night waiting for them. An hour later an actual HPD officer comes to the door.. asks if I could idenitfy the hubby. I said no I couldn't ID anyone.. I only saw the backs of people.

Then he was gone..I went to bed.

Like 20 minutes later my mom was like.. I think your doorbell rang.
Oh well... I said and pulled the covers over my head.

The next day I saw the crackhead taking out the garbage and she didn't say anything to me.

Just how I like it.

Maybe she'll really move now.


Lindsay aka Corn said...

I love hearing the about crackhead upstairs! It bring a little joy to my Monday.

Sorry for the annoyance,I know that can be a pain, but feel a solace in the fact that it makes for great blog material!

KJ said...

hahahahaha. I needed a good laugh :). Sucks that it all happend while your mom was there but maybe that gave her a little taste of what she deserves...

LoveMyTanker said...

OMG, that is all that I can say, other than - I hope she moves out too! Yikes!!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Oh no. We've been so lucky to have good neighbors. I would not want to live right underneath all that mess :( I cant believe they let soon-to-be ex-wives stay in base housing. ugh.

You mentioned you're from NJ. We'll trade with you. We don't especially like it here- you can have our nice neighbors and we'll take the change of scenery. lol