Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally a playdate!

So this morning I slept in til 9am. It was so nice.

Last night I had inventory so the punkin stayed at the sitter. I got up this morning took a nice shower where i didn't have to worry about the kid, vacuumed the rug cuz punkin is PETRIFIED of the vacuum (screaming , shaking and hyperventalating type reaction insues ) so it's best to not do it when she's around and drove the hub's jeep.

Now driving the hub's jeep may not sound like a big deal but I was told.." You need to drive my Jeep, if it sits there too long the transmission will go and it won't start. Just start it every few weeks and drive it around the block ok"
I'm not a jeep person, I hate it and I don't like driving with the punkin in the jeep I think it's unsafe..So it's been a little over a month and I haven't started it til today

SO I figured it'd be a good morning to do it.....I went outside, stuck the key in , turned....

It didn't start... it just clicked.

CRAP... he's gonna kill me.

So I sat in the jeep and just kept turning the key over and over and over...... and over... and over.....

and it started! So i drove it around the block, parked it back in the driveway and got in my honda and went to pick up the punkin.

So today we had a playdate with my old babysitter and her kid. He's 2 months older than the punkin so it was going to be fun.

Now this is my first official playdate... I don't know a whole bunch of people here with kids. Since I'm the boss, I'm not permitted to associate with anyone I work with outside of work (company Policy). I work, so I really dont have much time to do mommy and me and almost the hubbys whole unit are girls. Most are super young, kinda annoying and a specific garden tool, so I perfer to not associate with them.

Punkin and "P" had a great time. They played and laughed and shared. Punkin tried to give him hugs and he tried to walk away and shake her off. It was very funny. I think this is going to be a reoccuring thing now, which is good.

On the way home I stopped at Wendy's drive thru for dinner... got me a cheeseburger and punkin some chicken nuggets. I'm very excited her teeth came in and can eat real food.

Otherwise that was it. I still haven't heard from the hubby.. it's been almost a week, I think.

Oh I FINALLY met the neighbors. It was at diff times but both today . It was only like " hey whats up" I introduced myself and told them if they ever need anything I'm right next door.. J&C seem like nice people hopefully they won't turn into

Now I'm going to finish "DEAR JOHN" by Nicholas Sparks.

I love him.. he always makes me cry.


trying said...

I've never really gotten into Nicholas Sparks but I was thinking about trying Dear John. You should blog about it when you finish.

What is it with guys and their jeeps. I'm driving hubs right now and I thought he was going to quiz me on the manual before he left.

Glad your playdate went well and that you got sometime to yourself. Both are important. : )

LoveMyTanker said...

I love Nicholas Sparks, I rush to purchase his books as soon as a new one comes out. Enjoying finishing 'Dear John' - I loved it!

wendy said...

I love jeeps! We just have a few too many kids...

I am supposed to go start my husbands motorcycle. He showed me how and I practiced, but I can't remember what to do. waa!

I hope you've heard from your hubby by now.

sorry, one more - I don't think I've ever really done an official play date. I guess we're just not that cool....