Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coke, Kodak and Pink Sheets

Today... some positive stuff.

I love free stuff. I love coca-cola. I love Kodak gallery. Put those 3 things together I get very happy.

Coke rewards points gets me free stuff from Kodak gallery.

So far I sent the hubby a free mousepad with the pic of the punkin on it( he's afraid to use it he doesn't want to screw it up) and turned her into a bunch of free stickers.

If you drink a lot of Coke products. TOTALLY worth it!

Hubby called and I asked him if he liked our new sheets. "What new sheets"
Those pretty pink and red polka dot ones behind the punkin in her pictures, I say.

He was none too happy with the color and said they could stay til he got home. He said I could do whatever I wanted ......til he got home.

"Whatever I wanted?"

He told me... "No Marines...now don't be a smartass". LOL.

I Love my Hubby.


trying said...

ah Marines.... but then again I'm kinda partial to them!

Oh and I LOVE the coke rewards and kodakgallery. Isn't there stuff great!

wendy said...

coke rewards! The mouse pad and stickers sound cute!

your husband's comment about Marines cracked me up!