Monday, January 7, 2008

I want my flowers and I want them now.

It's been 4 days and my flowers are still not here... correction.. the RIGHT flowers aren't here.

I waited around almost all day on friday when about 3ish when the door rang. I was so excited and when I opened the door there was this lady with my flowers.

I actually said to the lady..."This is what my husband paid 80 bux for" she just looked at me.

People these things were pathetic, hubby would NEVER send me a bouquet like this. Its looked like someone had grabbed baby roses from the yard added babys breath and threw them in a glass.

Now he had never sent me flowers using 1800flowers before so just in case I went online and looked at what was supposed to come. It was supposed to be a premiem dozen long stemmed red roses.

These were NOT my Flowers.

So I called ... yada yada.. got the girl on the phone... I was so upset I started crying on the phone. She was like ma'am dont cry .. your gonna make me cry. Needless to say they were supposed to redeliver the flowers today.

Never came... Now i'm pisst.

I call back , this time I ask for the supervisor.The guy goes is there something I could try and help you with first. I tell him " Dude, trust me, I'm sure you don't get paid enough to get bitched at" He laughed and patched me through.

I get the supervisor , go through the whole thing and this time i say "This needs to be resolved... My hubby is in Iraq with a whole BRIGADE of men who are planning to send Flowers to their wives on valentine's day which is right around the corner. I'd hate to have him tell all of them about this experience and not use your company. That's alot of business you will lose." I hate having to be bitchy but working in retail I know how to get things done.

She's personally calling the florist herself in the morning and I'm supposed to have my flowers delivered before noon tomorrow.

Hub still doesn't know I didn't get them. He called this morning... he didn't ask. I didn't tell him.

He'll get an email saying how beautiful they are when they arrive... if they arrive.

The saga continues.... da da duuuuuuh.


trying said...

Good line about the brigade! Every once in a while you gotta bring out the big guns. (pardon the pun) I hope you get your flowers asap.

wendy said...

You are so good - I love how you got right to talking to the superviser!

Homemom3 said...

oh so sorry this happened, but glad to see you did end up getting the right flowers.