Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy belated Christmas!

First things first.. I'm typing on my new Netbook..yay! I guess sometimes you do get what you ask for.

Well it's been an interesting week to say the least. This was our first Christmas home in 3 years and Hubby's first Christmas to spend with the punkin. For her 3 Christmas' so far the last 2 he was in the sandbox and the first one he was in Hawaii and we were in NJ. This was also the first Christmas since his mom passed... so it was very bittersweet for him.

The interesting.. all started the day before Christmas Eve.. hubby had just gotten home from work and in the shower .While we were starting to pack up ,our fire alarm goes off. Not one.. but all 3. I'm not cooking anything so I have no idea what is going on and we can't get them to go off. I call the MPs and they call the fire dept... meanwhile we decide maybe its best if we go outside just in case. Hubby starts the car and the punkin and I wait inside since its like 18 degrees or what not.

The fire dept calls back confirming we called... I tell them yes.. fire alarms, no fire, can't shut them off. He tell us to evacuate the premises(which we have already done) and the'yll be right here. Now we live basically next to the firehouse so they could've liked walked across the lawn so they were here super fast.

Our house is historic.. like ancient, built in the mid 1800s and our boiler was apparently that old as well. Our boiler had broken and was apparently burning something that caused so much heat that it set the fire alarms off. I was worried it mught be carbon monoxide but it wasn't so that was a blessing.

Now since our ancient boiler was basically 2 mice running on a wheel to make it work they tell us that it's gonna take them a while to find us a new one and we won't have any heat but they're giving us space heaters. We didn't really care.. we were leaving so that worked for us... but the whole thing put us about an hour and a half behind schedule.

We leave at about 330ish and now we get stuck in holiday traffic and rush hour.. so our 1 1/2 hour drive turns into 2 1/2 hours. Gratefully I big preggo didn't have to pee..and punkin was good in the car. While we were in traffic ,Housing called and told us they found us a boiler.. they were going to come in and have it installed so this way when we got back our heat would be working..

Yay.. bonus.

Christmas itself went off without a hitch..we hit all 3 sets of parents so it was a long day. Punkin made out really well, she got a bunch of fun stuff.

The saturday after Christmas, I decided to get the punkin's haircut. Her first. I needed mine done too, so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Grandma came along for the ride to watch the punkin while I got my haircut. I went first and she watched and looked like she was gonna be good. Her turn came.... she started out pretty good but once the girl got to this huge knot.. it was all over. She started screaming and wouldn't let her finish. The girl only charged us 5 bux.. but I had to go home and fix it. Can't let my kid go around with unfinished hair. I did a pretty good job.. hubby says she looks like a little girl finally...opposed to a what .. i dont know.

We finally got home Sunday night to no heat.. so they had to emergency come out and fix it which they didn't fix so we had to call them again yesterday which they did fix. So it's nice and toasty in here now.

Today is day 2 of crash potty training.. day 1 went well... hopefully today there won't be any poop on the floor.

I guess we'll see...wish me luck

Friday, December 18, 2009

What I want for Christmas!

No it's no World Peace...although that would be very nice.. don't get me wrong. The stuff I want is just way more practical for me.

I want pedestals for my washer and dryer and my laptop fixed.

I think one of the main reasons I stopped blogging was that hubbys desktop broke in Hawaii. Luckily it happened right before he got back so he fixed it as soon as he got back from the Sandbox. Then he got a new laptop and gave me his old one which the punkin one day proceeded to jump on and crack the screen. Hence no laptop. Then we moved and were trying to get settled.. yada yada yada.

I know ... excuses, excuses.

So anyway I just want a new screen... I've been asking since July.

Next my washer and dryer are just too low for my giant huge Twin belly. I usually end up sitting on the floor (they are both front loaders) switching clothes from one to the other. Getting up off the floor these days is not an easy task.. so for convenience pedestals would be super. At the time we were trying to save money and was't deemed a necessity.. I deem it a necessity now.LOL

FYI~ I will be getting neither for Christmas... but I can hope.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ok.. so let's start over,

Today I had my doctor's appointment after completely having preggo brain yesterday and going over to the hospital for my appointment only to have them tell me it was today. Good thing I'm totally over feeling stupid about those things.

I am measuring at 28 weeks even though I'm only 24.. I feel like a house. Twins are rough towards the end.. the positive is I only have 2 1/2 months left. Hopefully they will stay in and cook as long as I need them too. We are having a boy and a girl which means I am totally done with all the pregnancy stuff... I told the doc today " hey since you've got me open anyway to take the kids out.. I'd really like to be tied at that point" He was like sure no prob.

Punkin in excited about having a "bruda and sistah".. it hard to believe she can organize pretty full sentences. She bossy, demanding and acts like she's 10. Oh how I can't wait til she's a teenager. She had to have her tonsils out the beginning of October.. which was very traumatic for mommy. I don't recommend that for anyone under the age of 3 unless absolutely necessary. I'm glad hubby, grandma and grandpa were here for that.

West Point is okay.. It's hard to get used to the fact that basically you live on a college campus... only more strict and quiet. My college days were faarrrr from that.lol.

I am unemployed.. that wasn't the plan but when we found out we were having twins it didn't really pay for me to go back to work. I would've had to have quit basically through the holiday season so we just said screw it. I'll probably go back to work after the kids are born.. I'm thinking of being a tour guide.lol

Hubby got back from Iraq and luckily we had no "re-integration issues" as they call it. We actually are probably better now then we were before or during the sandbox. He likes his new job kinda... he's got great hours here and gets to "interact" with a lot of cadets. He was in the ER when he first got here and that was right up his alley but they decided to move him.... which works for me because now he's not working midnights.

As for now, I am liking being close to home, unfortunately this weather is a doozy.I've been here since July and still have not climitized yet. Punkin did love her first snowfall though.

Otherwise I think that's really all for right now. I'm definitely going to make an effort to do this again... and soon.

Has it been a year!

I swear I never meant to be away this long... alot of people probably totally forgot who I was. I decided to start writing again..I need some stimulus for my brain.

I've got some time on my hands now and a bunch of stuff to start blogging about again.This is one of my new years resolutions.. be it a little early.

Examples of stuff to blog:
The move to West Point
Being Unemployed
Transition to housewife again.. since hubby returned from Iraq.
Lastly.. being pregnant and getting ready to have Twins... yes folks.. Twins...which are due pretty soon.

Well.. I am off to my doctors appointment now and hopefully back on the computer either today or tomorrow.

No more long absences..that's the goal.

Monday, January 12, 2009

RIP Shell Belle

Thursday Morning at apprx 2am The Hub's mom died.

It was a huge shock.. no one expected it quite this fast.

It's been a very heartbreaking week all around. I'm very grately that he was able to be home and spend the last week of her life with her. I wish I would've been able to be home to support him. Unfortunitely that didn't happen.

As I wrote in my last post the doctors had given her a longer life expectancy than it actually turned out to be. After surgery everyone was very positive that she would be able to have somewhat of a coherent quality of life. The first 2 days after surgery, she was able to somewhat talk ,sit up and eat very puree'd food.

Unfortunitely she ended up having an Acute Mol Siezure.(i think I spelled that right).

After that she basically stopped responding and stopped eating.. the doctors told my Hub and family she had about 48 hours. They moved her into hospice and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. The Hub, his dad and his sis.. basically moved into the Hospital and waited. Almost exactly 48 hours from the time of the last prognosis.. she went to sleep for the last time.

Shell was a kick ass lady. She was well loved and will be greatly missed. She pulled no punches and took no shit from anyone. Hub's from a very small town and his family has lived there for decades. She used to own the only beauty parlor in town. She cut everyone's hair and knew everyone. Hub's mom and dad have been together since she was 14 and he was 17 and have shared everything together. I can't even begin to imagine what his loss must be like. When the Hub and I first started dating years ago, she used to call me a cradle-robber cuz I was 20 and he was 18. She'd say that I was always out to corrupt her little boy, if she only knew it was already too late.

I'm sorry that she won't be able to see her grandkids grow up.I'm sad the punkin will have no memories of her grandma. Shell was so excited about us moving so close to home. I'm so sorry and sad for my Hubby's loss..I know he is being so strong for his family... and I wish there was more I could do for him. I can't imagine what the rest of our lives are going to be like without her. It's very sad.


Now in the next 3 days,opposed to sending him home,they are sending him back to Iraq... for less than a month. Basically he gets theres packs up and then gets sent here. Give a guy a break... he just lost his mom and he's got less than a month left of his deployment. I'm worried. I'm afraid he's gonna completely flip his shit when he gets back there. Seriously, what a waste of time and taxpayer money. I think the whole thing is just ridiculous... and I would love to see the Army just once NOT be a bunch of douschebags. That'll never happen.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

When it Rains it Pours.

Well the Hub is at home in NJ...he landed yesterday. Someone being sent home from Iraq and not for R&R means one thing... very bad news.
The Hub's mom was just diagnosed with a Brain Tumor... prognosis..bad, very bad. Let's just say this New Year hasn't turned out so well so far.

Hub's mom in the past 6 years or so has been a very sickly woman. She had major surgery to insert metal rods in her neck, where they didn't know if she was going to live, when he was in Iraq the first time so they sent him home on emergency leave. A few years ago she had a pain pump inserted, so this way they could administer the doses themselves whenever the pain got too bad. Over the years she had started to do things that everyone chalked up to the medication like mood swings, randomly falling asleep and other things that I'm not to sure of.

Well recently the pain had gotten really bad, so they went in to adjust her pain pump.. and on Christmas Eve.. she apparently wasn't really responding to anyone and started throwing up. So they thought she was going into overdose.. and went to the ER to adjust her pump again.

So the day after Christmas... I don't really know what happened but they had to take her back to the ER. At this point they decided to do a CAT scan. The results of the CAT scan showed that she had this tumor.

That night the Hub's sis called me at 730pm my time so I knew something was wrong. That phone call came right in the middle of the giant island wide blackout. From that point on the past week has been nothing but non stop hecticness.

The hub pretty much has instant access to the computer in Iraq.. so I text messaged his email to call me ASAP it was about his mom. Then proceeded to try and send a red cross message. It took almost 2 days for the red cross message to get through and only 2 hours for my hub to call me back. Telling him that his mom had a brain tumor.. and it was pretty bad, was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Especially him being over there... I felt and still feel terribly helpless.

At this point.. the doctors have the prognosis at very bad.. and the doctors Red Cross message stats that "Life expectancy is poor". I see those words, know how sick she is and think. Bad.

Apparently his commander saw those words and said...

" Not good enough,, I need a better definition of 'life expectancy is poor. what does that mean exactly"


Now.. let me say something. My hub has done his year in the sandbox...he was one of the lucky suckers that got suck in this 15 month rotation bullshit..that only truly affected a few Brigades. What's 2 months off 15.. you seriously can't function the last 2 months without one soldier.

Ok. so now the hub is beside himself. He hasn't been able to see his mom since the punkin was born. Thats' almost 2 1/2 years.. if something happens before he gets home.. I don't know what he'll do.

I'm pisst off.. and think this is complete bull. The fight to get my hub home starts. To see the emails coming through about how upset he is and how he doesn't know what to do kills me. It makes me feel more helpless. So I do what anyone else in my position would do. I start making phone calls. Not Army bullshit phone calls .. f that. I go above that.

Lets just say some phone calls got made.. like Senate phone calls. Needless to say the phone calls didn't really go anywhere... but when I told my Hub that I was doing that.. his packet got signed and he was on his way home in 12 hours.

Don't mess with me or my family... I'll take you down how we do in Jersey.... Politically.

Now that the Hub is home .. I've gotten better details. Sadly, the type of tumor she has is the worst tumor you could possibly get. It's about the size of a Mango. The doctors removed only about 40% of it because they wanted her to have the best quality of life she can for the short amount of time she has. They give her anywhere from 3 months, if they do nothing... 19 months if they try and shrink with the chemo.

I'm not going home. I got permission to go from work as long as I was back for inventory by the 11th.Which really irratated me that I had to be back for that.They sent my Husband home from a war zone but no one can run my inventory. whatever.

I had gotten my plane tickets.. booked the whole 9. The punkin and I were supposed to leave tomorrow. Hubby told us not to come home. He says it's not that he doesn't want us there.. he just doesn't think its a good idea. He gave lots of valid reasons. cost of the ticket, most of the time he'll be at the hospital, what happens if I fly out there and she passes and then then have to fly right back, him and his sister don't want anyone to see her looking the way she looks, etc. I just want to be there for him.. if it was me.. I'd want him there. So as much as it hurts my feelings, I honored his wishes, canceled my tickets and are staying behind.

Now.. here's the next thing.. when his leave is up.. they are sending him back to the box. Is it me.. or does it make no sense that he'll have about 1 month left.. but they are still going to spend the money to fly him ALLL the way back to iraq only to fly him ALLL the way to Hawaii a month later. Wouldn't it make more sense to just send him here. Ohhh our tax dollars at work.

So that's whats up.. sorry my first post of the year is a big sad bummer post. I'm not a religious person.. but if anyone wants to send some prayers this way.. they'll always be appreciated.

I really hope 2009 isn't going to be too terrible.