Friday, March 28, 2008

I love the UPS man!!

I had off today, I love days off.

Hubby had text messaged me to tell me a present was coming a few days ago. I asked what it was he typed this:

"....i took the hint from something and something u said in one of your blogs and i got u a present"

He also said he had sent me a card. Today both came, it was like Christmas.

Today was pretty much your normal day off. Punkin is teething again.. her molars are coming in.. so there is snot, drool, coughing, etc everywhere. She is only a little fussy so that makes me happy.

I needed to run some errands... so we went to Walmart. They had a bunch of little girls clothes on sale so I bought her a bunch of shorts and tees. I bought a pair of shoes,lol. My main reason to go there was to get a picture frame and to see if they had that cool cake pan. that Trying posted on her blog last week.

My friend "J" had this cool collage picture frame on her wall that she filled with pics of her kids and I thought it was so cool. I thought it'd be nice to have it up and filled on the wall before hubby got home. So I bought the frame, there was no pan.

Next was a trip to Party City to get a few decorations for when hub gets home. They didn't have the pan either.

Punkin and I got home and we were playing in the living room when the doorbell rang. It was UPS with a box.. cool. The box didn't have a company on it so I wasn't sure what it was.. I open it up. Inside was another box.. it still had no label on it and looked like a dvd box. I thought "Sweet! season one of Friday Night Lights."

The card enclosed said this " Hey Sweetie, if you put it in a blog you'll get it, even if you're kidding......."

I opened the box..... it was not Friday Night Lights...... It was this.

I had sent him a pic of it in his St. Patty's card, I NEVER expected he'd actually get it. I just started crying and couldn't stop. Punkin looked at me like I was insane. I sent him an email, I haven't heard back yet.

Everyday he surprises me more and more.

PS- Hey honey. I want to go to DisneyWorld,LOL.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

eh, it's wednesday.

I've been very unmotivated to write... I guess cause I'm tired and nothing great has happened.

Sunday was Easter. Happy belated Easter. It was fun, I baked way too much junk food.. and managed to come home ONLY with a chocolate pudding pie. (YAY)It's now in the freezer for when hubby comes home.

He's starting the countdown.. every email includes " -- days til I get home" I'm super excited. My boss even said it was ok to take vacation.

Yesterday my Counting Crows cd came in the mail from hubby. It kicks butt.
I bought the new Panic! At the disco cd. I almost took it out of my cd player and snapped it in half, it was so terrible. Waste of money that was.

The punkin caught a stomach bug and puked for the first time yesterday, she was none to pleased.I felt really sorry for her. My little baby, I feel so bad for her.

Work has been super busy. I'm just tired.

(I just proofread this and as I read it I thought.. wow this post stinks. I'm totally lame this week, LOL)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Little gestures

I've always been a believer in actions speak louder than words.

You can tell me whatever you want but I don't believe it til I see it.

Yesterday I posted a random bulletin on my Myspace page.
The whole thing went like this:

"Anyone wanna buy me.....(you clicked it open and it showed)


It comes out Tuesday and if you do, I'll love you forevers and evers."

I post random stuff like this all the time. I never expected anyone to buy it for me and it was never meant as a hint in ANY way.

This morning I get a message from the hubby.

" Hey sweetie, im buying u the new counting crows cd, it should be there on the 25th in the afternoon, at least i hope it should....."

I almost started crying. Hubby never buys me much, not because he doesn't want to, he always just says he never knows what to buy me. The fact that he went through the effort from half way around the world, meant more then you could imagine.

It's the little gestures like that, that make me love him more and more everyday.

Next I'm gonna post a bulletin about how I want a new diamond for my engagement ring. (just kidding)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sorry .. one more post. It's quick.

I'm watching the news.

Does anyone else throw stuff at the TV when the president is on?


The thing that lives in my kitchen.

I have a gecko that lives in my kitchen..... I named him Fred.
(more on Fred later)

Now the start of my rant......

The mall has been ridiculous. There is apparently a choir competition on the island this week. They are here from all over the country. The kids have invaded. They come in packs. PACKS. I kid you not, like 15/20 kids at a time.

Working at the mall was one of the reasons why I used to NEVER want kids. My daughter will never go to the mall if she has no money. If you're a teen and have no shopping agenda...Don't come, just stay home cause 9 times outta 10 you're there to steal. Also, it scares me that one day, one of these rocket scientist kids, could be the president. Granted they could probably do way better than the current one, but that's my opinion. I love my kid... but I hate mallrats.

The past few days have been very hectic at work.
So Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.

>>>>rant done

Today I tried to get the punkin's picture taken with the Easter bunny.

After how she totally had a canary at Santa Clause I figured I'd try. My housing development had the annual easter egg hunt/easter bunny event today. I figured it was free so if she didn't go to the bunny, no harm no foul.

I'm also making an effort to know my new (non-crackhead) neighbors more. They have a 6 month old. The wife doesn't work, they just got here and I don't think she knows many people so I figured what the heck. What's the worse that could happen, she could say no, then whatever.

I saw her car was in the driveway so I rang the door. she answered. "Hey I was going to take punkin down to see the Easter bunny at the park, I was wondering if you were bored, did you want to come." She said sure. We put the kids in the stroller and walked over.

She's pretty cool. Her hubby is a medic too. YAY... instant bond. I like her. She is way younger than me. Around here, who isn't. I'm the old lady on the block.
Hopefully we'll get to hang out more. We'll see.

Needless to say, we got there. As soon as she SAW the bunny, Punkin freaked out, screaming ,tears the whole she-bang. I never even got to hand her off to the Bunny.

Maybe next year,lol.

Now about Fred. I like Fred, he doesn't bother me. He used to live on the outside of my kitchen window when he was a baby but now he found a way inside. (Honestly they could be 2 seperate guys but I like to think he liked me enough to hang out)

Today................He scared the poop outta me

If you've ever lived here (or haven't), geckos are all over the place. They are little lizards just like on the Geico commercial. They are cute little boogers, don't bother anyone and eat your bugs. They do make a very strange sound, so you know they are around and are super fast.

The one today was hiding on the side of the microwave. When I went to move a cup it shot up the wall, took off and up behind the cabinet.

but then I was like.. whatever.

Lastly, Some good news.. they bumped hubby's leave up again. He should be home somewhere within the next month for R&R. I'm not giving any Geraldo type info but he'll be home super soon. He is very excited and so am I. He even told me he sent me a card. I guess my bitching paid off. lol

PS~ Do you dig my little MEEZ anime thing or what?LOL

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Quick honey.. go to the computer!"

Hubby and the roomates were all sitting around watching Jarhead the other night.

Ever since he's been having "Deer Hunter movie" paranoia.
He's called twice since then... today he went above and beyond.

If you haven't seen Jarhead.. this dude gets a video from his wife labeled "The Deer Hunter" When he pops the tape in, it's his wife and some dude going at it. Then she tells him to F off if I remember correctly.

So yesterday he calls super early and wakes me and the punkin up. He's all like what's up.
Nothing I was sleeping. ~Alone? he asks. ~No punkin's here too. ~Just her. ~ Yes, just her.
~Are you sure? ~ NO the boyfriend's here too, he's sleeping on your pillow. ~You better not have anybody else sleeping on my pillow, I'll kill him.~ Yes. I'm aware. You've told me.

Apparently..because of the movie. He had it is his head that I now have a boyfriend and he stays over . He has even given his made up boyfriend for me a name... Chris. (I don't even know a Chris). He thought "Chris" was going to answer my phone this morning.

Guys are stupid.

This morning he calls again. I was already awake.
"Quick honey.. go to the computer"

Ummm ok. so I go over and the webcam light is on.
" I see you.. I did it"
He hacked my computer and turned on the webcam. He was so proud of himself.
I asked if he did it to spy on me. Ummm no.....He laughed.

My hubby the computer guru... I told him I was unplugging the webcam.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another day.

ASM2 came back to work monday.

For these who just started reading.
ASM2's fiancee was killed with 3 other soldiers in Iraq Feb 8 by an IED.
Read blog here: 2 days
She's been in relatively good spirits considering. She's so strong. I don't even want to imagine what she is going through.

*Warning. morbidness ahead*

She was gone about 3 weeks. "C" told ASM2 that if he should die, he wanted Slipknot to be played at his funeral. Slipknot and David Bowie. He got both. She said it was very strange to have a coffin with just a suit. She's having a hard time adjusting to the fact that there wasn't a body. Nothing physical for her to touch for there to be some sort of closure. She knows he's not coming back it was just hard she said.

She got to meet his ex-wife and son for the first time. She said it sucked she didn't meet them sooner cuz they were awesome. Her mom and brother flew down from Oregon to go to the funeral with her.

She also said his parents were super great to her. They let her keep his ashes, they just wanted his medals and army stuff. She took them on the plane with her. (I thought was very weird cuz you can't take jack on a plane.. but apparently you can take someones ashes.)

Did you know you can have ashes mixed with tattoo ink?.. well you can.
She's having some of his ashes mixed.. this way he'll always be with her.
Very romantic in very goth kind of way.(She's very eccentric)

Today they were supposed to come to the apartment to inventory all his stuff to ship home. She's decided she's not going to say here, she's going to move back home in a few months. There's nothing left for her here now she says.

The whole thing is just so sad.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Release Tuesday!

Well ok today is another installment.

Nothing good came out today....only the re-release of Alkaline Trio's- Dammit.

So here is the music question of the day?

You are stranded on a deserted island with no Ipod just 5 cds.. what 5 cds and why?

My choices~
Counting Crows~August and Everything After.
~My favorite band and one of the most amazing records ever recorded.
~For when I'm angry that I'm stuck on a deserted island.
Miranda Lambert~Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
~She's a little bit country, little bit rock-n-roll
Welcome to the Family~ A Drive-thru records compalation.
~Sometimes you need a little Emo/Punk in your life
Johnny Cash~ 25 greatest.
~It's Johnny Cash. 'nuff said.

OK your turn!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

2 cool contests!

I thought these were cool. Good luck everyone! Hope some of us can win.

Search is on for favorite military mom
By Karen Jowers - Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday Mar 5, 2008 16:32:31 EST

A military mom you know could be America’s Favorite Mom, to be crowned on an NBC special airing on Mother’s Day, May 11.

“Military moms” could be serving overseas in uniform, holding down the homefront fort for deployed spouses, or troops’ own mothers.Nominations are being accepted through April 30. Videos, photos and essay testimonials can be uploaded to the show’s Web site. Once nominated, moms can win thousands of dollars in online prizes and sweepstakes.“Military moms” is one of five categories in the competition.

The others are single moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms and unconventional moms.Thousands already have been nominated, and anyone can vote for the nominees online, although there is no way to search specifically for “military mom” entries, or enter that category. Entries will be sorted by category when semi-finalists are chosen.So it might be a good idea to make the military connection and impact clear in your video entry, picture, and essay — if you wish the entry to be considered for that category. Most military moms would qualify for one of the other categories, as well.

The top 15 nominees from the five categories will appear on NBC’s “Today Show” and viewers will vote for their favorite at the end of each show. The winners in each of the five categories will appear on the “America’s Favorite Mom” special, where the winner will be crowned.The panelists who will select the semi-finalists have not been confirmed yet, but the selections will not be based solely on the number of votes received, according to a spokeswoman for sponsor Teleflora; the panelists will consider the quality of submissions as well. Meanwhile, Web team members are monitoring the votes and entries, and are giving out prizes based on the entries.

The winner will have a rose named in her honor, and will receive thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, including an 18-karat gold heart-shaped “America’s Favorite Mom” pendant trimmed in diamonds.USAA, partnering with Telefora to help raise awareness about the contest in the military community, will give the winner a $2,500 cruise gift certificate from Explore Cruise Travel and a free yearlong financial strategies plan.


ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover’ seeks an Army family
By Office of the chief of public affairs News Release

ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a show that highlights families and individuals who have extremely emotional and compelling stories by completely rebuilding and remodeling their homes. The show is seeking an Army family for an upcoming episode, and Soldiers across the country who meet the criteria are encouraged to self-nominate.
~To be eligible, a family must own their own single family home and be able to show producers how a makeover will make a difference in their lives.
~A nomination containing the names and ages of all household members, a description of the challenges within the home, and an explanation about why the family is deserving is required.
~ The family should be a positive role model within the community and must send photos of the family and the home, as well as contact information, with the nomination.

All nominations are due by Thursday. Also, for legal reasons, Soldiers must consider gift and endorsement issues. Legal considerations include the following:
•Army personnel must apply to the show on their own.
•If the member selected incurs an illness or injury while on active duty on or after 9/11/01 as a direct result of armed conflict, hazardous service, or in a combat operation or zone, he or she may accept the gift of the make-over, but the appropriate ethics counselor is required to make a written determination.
•If the member selected does not meet the above criteria, the member should treat the transaction as outside employment, rather than acceptance of a gift. In other words, the member allows his or her image and house to be used as the basis for a television show, and the compensation for doing that is the make-over.
•The member may owe taxes on the make-over and may want to consult a tax advisor or legal services.
•The member will be acting in a personal capacity, so may not allow the show to use his or her title, position, organization name or any other government authority to endorse the show, network, etc.

The show may use the member’s rank. The member’s ethics counselor should provide oversight and counseling during this period, and should talk to the show’s liaison to explain Army rules. Soldiers who are interested in applying should contact Lt. Col. Paul Sinor, Entertainment Liaison, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, Los Angeles Branch, at 310-235-7621 or e-mail

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WOO HOOOOO!! (a blog in 4 parts)

Yay another milestone! 3 months down!

I think I deserve a Cold Stone Creamery Cake.(Not the whole cake just a piece or two).I'm thinking the chocolate chipper one.
Anyone is welcome to join me... after the response I got about the Brownies in the last blog.. if you're here in Hawaii or coming this way I will gladly make you brownies,lol.

Today I sat around all day and waited for FedEx. They came at 530.

Hubby decided he wanted to order a new cel phone.. so he sent it here. He really didn't need a new cel phone.. considering he can't use it. He wanted it for leave. It's amazing what you can order from Iraq.

We've never been on the same cel phone plan.. so it always costs money to call each other. I refused to switch to his service.. I hate cingular/ATT whatever they are called now. I've used like every phone service and I'm a verizon fan. Not to mention all my friends and fam back home are Verizon.. so we are all "IN",lol.

He canceled his old service and is now "IN".. I still don't get why he needed the phone right now. He is the worse impulse buyer ever.. he is worse than a woman, I swear.

Now I'm watching the Project Runway finally. I want Christian to win.. cuz his clothes are HOT, he is hysterical and caused my hub to run around going "Asians are fierce" before he left. That coming from a tall blond dude.. is really funny.

Thanx to peer pressure... I jumped on the word cloud bandwagon. You guys suck,lol.

Lastly, Thank you to all for your music input.

Everyone had such great taste in music. Some of it I had never heard (mostly the country stuff) and some of it I'm going to look up(mostly the country stuff),lol. There was such a variety of stuff...... I was stoked when Anchored Away had Something Corporate on her playlist they're one of my fave bands and very few people know who they are, Trying had some crazy Courtney "Hole" Love and Lindsay's choice of Sara Bareilles. (If you like Sara check out Kate Voegele.. she's amazing)

Due to the overwhelming response....... New Release Tuesday is a keeper!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Release Tuesday!!

I wanna try something new. Hope everyone will audience participate
(If it works, I'll try something like it again next tuesday,lol. )

So as every music fan knows Tuesday is new Record release day.

As I was reading through the blogs Army wife More Than An (Army) Wife: My Top 10 Favorite Songs listed her top 10 favorite songs today which kind of goes in with the whole thing I was planning. (She has good taste.)

So today the new - Flogging Molly - record comes out! (yes honey I will buy it for you and send it to Iraq,lol) I'm not a fan of Flogging Molly, but I'm always on the search for new music to listen to.

I'm currently obsessed with new " - The Spill Canvas - No really, I'm fine"

So the question is.... What cd is in your cd player or what are you listening to in your Ipods right now?

PS~ My brownies turned out kick ass. Everyone should go buy the mix,lol.
PPS~ All my hyperlinks actually worked. I'm stoked!LOL