Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The thing that lives in my kitchen.

I have a gecko that lives in my kitchen..... I named him Fred.
(more on Fred later)

Now the start of my rant......

The mall has been ridiculous. There is apparently a choir competition on the island this week. They are here from all over the country. The kids have invaded. They come in packs. PACKS. I kid you not, like 15/20 kids at a time.

Working at the mall was one of the reasons why I used to NEVER want kids. My daughter will never go to the mall if she has no money. If you're a teen and have no shopping agenda...Don't come, just stay home cause 9 times outta 10 you're there to steal. Also, it scares me that one day, one of these rocket scientist kids, could be the president. Granted they could probably do way better than the current one, but that's my opinion. I love my kid... but I hate mallrats.

The past few days have been very hectic at work.
So Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.

>>>>rant done

Today I tried to get the punkin's picture taken with the Easter bunny.

After how she totally had a canary at Santa Clause I figured I'd try. My housing development had the annual easter egg hunt/easter bunny event today. I figured it was free so if she didn't go to the bunny, no harm no foul.

I'm also making an effort to know my new (non-crackhead) neighbors more. They have a 6 month old. The wife doesn't work, they just got here and I don't think she knows many people so I figured what the heck. What's the worse that could happen, she could say no, then whatever.

I saw her car was in the driveway so I rang the door. she answered. "Hey I was going to take punkin down to see the Easter bunny at the park, I was wondering if you were bored, did you want to come." She said sure. We put the kids in the stroller and walked over.

She's pretty cool. Her hubby is a medic too. YAY... instant bond. I like her. She is way younger than me. Around here, who isn't. I'm the old lady on the block.
Hopefully we'll get to hang out more. We'll see.

Needless to say, we got there. As soon as she SAW the bunny, Punkin freaked out, screaming ,tears the whole she-bang. I never even got to hand her off to the Bunny.

Maybe next year,lol.

Now about Fred. I like Fred, he doesn't bother me. He used to live on the outside of my kitchen window when he was a baby but now he found a way inside. (Honestly they could be 2 seperate guys but I like to think he liked me enough to hang out)

Today................He scared the poop outta me

If you've ever lived here (or haven't), geckos are all over the place. They are little lizards just like on the Geico commercial. They are cute little boogers, don't bother anyone and eat your bugs. They do make a very strange sound, so you know they are around and are super fast.

The one today was hiding on the side of the microwave. When I went to move a cup it shot up the wall, took off and up behind the cabinet.

but then I was like.. whatever.

Lastly, Some good news.. they bumped hubby's leave up again. He should be home somewhere within the next month for R&R. I'm not giving any Geraldo type info but he'll be home super soon. He is very excited and so am I. He even told me he sent me a card. I guess my bitching paid off. lol

PS~ Do you dig my little MEEZ anime thing or what?LOL


KJ said...

Yay! I'm glad the new neighbor isn't a crazy crackhead! Thats always a plus :). Double yay for getting leave moved up! You were right, looks like we both got lucky :). I bet he's super excited! Oh and on behalf of all former mall rats - I'm sorry. :) I swear I don't do it anymore though! :-D

trying said...

So nice that you found someone to bond with... I have a problem with finding normal people... they all seem well and good at first and then boom. then you find something odd out. I hope she stays normal for ya.

And the easter bunny, your a better mama then me. I knew the reaction in store and wasn't even going to go there!

Do you guys have some big family plans for R&R? (note I said "family" plans ; )

Cariluz & Ike said...

Great has definitely been entertaining! Funny how you named one of your geckos...I did the same with a couple who hang in my house, too, LOL. Definitely not to be found back in Jersey...anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blog.

wendy said...

Yea for a good new neighbor. We have a new family in this weekend. I hope we don't scare them.

I love the geckos, but once in a while they scare me. Like the time one was hanging out in the toaster when I put in some bread. It started thrashing around. I started screaming. He lost his tail and I threw away the toaster...the end!

sorry I didn't follow through with meeting you over spring break. Sounds like you'll have a busy month, but maybe we could meet at a park or something in a few weeks.