Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Release Tuesday!

Well ok today is another installment.

Nothing good came out today....only the re-release of Alkaline Trio's- Dammit.

So here is the music question of the day?

You are stranded on a deserted island with no Ipod just 5 cds.. what 5 cds and why?

My choices~
Counting Crows~August and Everything After.
~My favorite band and one of the most amazing records ever recorded.
~For when I'm angry that I'm stuck on a deserted island.
Miranda Lambert~Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
~She's a little bit country, little bit rock-n-roll
Welcome to the Family~ A Drive-thru records compalation.
~Sometimes you need a little Emo/Punk in your life
Johnny Cash~ 25 greatest.
~It's Johnny Cash. 'nuff said.

OK your turn!


KJ said...

ohhh fun fun.

- Crazy ex girlfriend by Miranda lambert (also!!)
* cause man thats just a dang good CD

- Live at the Jolly Fox by Eli Young Band
* Songs are so down to earth and hearing the awesome live crowd in the back will make me feel like I have some company

- Beach boys greatest hits
* there is a lot to be said for irony in music :) and they're feel good songs.

- Man of Conviction by Brandon Rhyder
* It's a CD with a lot of life reflection songs on it, which I'll probably have a lot of time to do being stranded and all

- In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson
* I'll need some mellow music to calm me down when I'm pissed about still being stranded on this island... might as well have some good "island" music while you're there.

(army)Wife said...

1. My Hallmark 80s CD
2. Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits
3. Oh Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits
4. Mermaids Soundstrack
5. Number Ones by Michael Jackson