Friday, March 28, 2008

I love the UPS man!!

I had off today, I love days off.

Hubby had text messaged me to tell me a present was coming a few days ago. I asked what it was he typed this:

"....i took the hint from something and something u said in one of your blogs and i got u a present"

He also said he had sent me a card. Today both came, it was like Christmas.

Today was pretty much your normal day off. Punkin is teething again.. her molars are coming in.. so there is snot, drool, coughing, etc everywhere. She is only a little fussy so that makes me happy.

I needed to run some errands... so we went to Walmart. They had a bunch of little girls clothes on sale so I bought her a bunch of shorts and tees. I bought a pair of shoes,lol. My main reason to go there was to get a picture frame and to see if they had that cool cake pan. that Trying posted on her blog last week.

My friend "J" had this cool collage picture frame on her wall that she filled with pics of her kids and I thought it was so cool. I thought it'd be nice to have it up and filled on the wall before hubby got home. So I bought the frame, there was no pan.

Next was a trip to Party City to get a few decorations for when hub gets home. They didn't have the pan either.

Punkin and I got home and we were playing in the living room when the doorbell rang. It was UPS with a box.. cool. The box didn't have a company on it so I wasn't sure what it was.. I open it up. Inside was another box.. it still had no label on it and looked like a dvd box. I thought "Sweet! season one of Friday Night Lights."

The card enclosed said this " Hey Sweetie, if you put it in a blog you'll get it, even if you're kidding......."

I opened the box..... it was not Friday Night Lights...... It was this.

I had sent him a pic of it in his St. Patty's card, I NEVER expected he'd actually get it. I just started crying and couldn't stop. Punkin looked at me like I was insane. I sent him an email, I haven't heard back yet.

Everyday he surprises me more and more.

PS- Hey honey. I want to go to DisneyWorld,LOL.


trying said...

awww how sweet! I say aim high with blog request, disney is good but perhaps a new car ; )

Sorry your dealing with teething. Maybe she'll still be teething when hubby gets home. only fair that he should get to share in the fun right! have a great weekend!

KJ said...

awww 10 points for the hubby!! That is very sweet!! Maybe I should tell Sgt. about my blog... hmm :). I'm glad he'll be home soon!!

I want that cake pan too!

Laura said...

Awwww...that's a gorgeous ring! Looks like the husband is a keeper!!

trying said...

you know we should see if we could get a discount if we order in bulk! j/k

or you could post on here that you would like oh.... 5 of those pans and see if hubby gets them for us... I mean you. : )

Ann M. said...

how sweet of him, and what a lovely ring for you ;)

so nice that he took the hint!

wendy said...

What a sweetie!

Now I must go check out the cake pan at Tryings site...