Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WOO HOOOOO!! (a blog in 4 parts)

Yay another milestone! 3 months down!

I think I deserve a Cold Stone Creamery Cake.(Not the whole cake just a piece or two).I'm thinking the chocolate chipper one.
Anyone is welcome to join me... after the response I got about the Brownies in the last blog.. if you're here in Hawaii or coming this way I will gladly make you brownies,lol.

Today I sat around all day and waited for FedEx. They came at 530.

Hubby decided he wanted to order a new cel phone.. so he sent it here. He really didn't need a new cel phone.. considering he can't use it. He wanted it for leave. It's amazing what you can order from Iraq.

We've never been on the same cel phone plan.. so it always costs money to call each other. I refused to switch to his service.. I hate cingular/ATT whatever they are called now. I've used like every phone service and I'm a verizon fan. Not to mention all my friends and fam back home are Verizon.. so we are all "IN",lol.

He canceled his old service and is now "IN".. I still don't get why he needed the phone right now. He is the worse impulse buyer ever.. he is worse than a woman, I swear.

Now I'm watching the Project Runway finally. I want Christian to win.. cuz his clothes are HOT, he is hysterical and caused my hub to run around going "Asians are fierce" before he left. That coming from a tall blond dude.. is really funny.

Thanx to peer pressure... I jumped on the word cloud bandwagon. You guys suck,lol.

Lastly, Thank you to all for your music input.

Everyone had such great taste in music. Some of it I had never heard (mostly the country stuff) and some of it I'm going to look up(mostly the country stuff),lol. There was such a variety of stuff...... I was stoked when Anchored Away had Something Corporate on her playlist they're one of my fave bands and very few people know who they are, Trying had some crazy Courtney "Hole" Love and Lindsay's choice of Sara Bareilles. (If you like Sara check out Kate Voegele.. she's amazing)

Due to the overwhelming response....... New Release Tuesday is a keeper!


trying said...

hey... who you callin crazy!

I just love that your husband ordered a phone from iraq to use over leave. sometimes their stupidity makes it feel like they are still home with you. Flyboy was over there when it started and they didnt have addresses that places would deliver too so he and a bunch of others guys ordered a bunch of k-bar knives and had them sent to me. he didnt tell me till after they came, so one day i got a big box... filled... with knives. never ceases to amaze me!

Lindsay aka Corn said...

Oh mine had his fill of Iraq, "might want this when I get home" purchases as well...some were better than others.

One of which I get to take credit for. A t-shirt that says "Baghdad ass up".

Yes, he wears public.

Oh and I will check out Kate Voegel tonight! Thanks!

KJ said...

Sgt. is an impulse buyer as well!! Sheesh - men. Yay for the wordcloud bandwagon!! Umm and yes, I agree to the coldstone cake, save me a piece for whenever I stop through Hawaii :)

(army)Wife said...

Christian is so fierce!! I'm so glad he won.