Friday, February 29, 2008

So yea, I got nothin.

Before I get to the blogging....
Tomorrow is BFF#1's birthday... and she'll read this so Happy Birthday D. You have been my true Partner in Crime ever since that summer working at the pool almost 15 years ago. You will always share my brain.. even from 5000 miles away. Remember when in doubt... Turn left; Barbara Streisand and Ocean City; and the most rented video of 1996 is.....I know you'll know the answer to this and laugh.

Monday the punkin got a clean bill of health from the doctor.. that made me happy.

Otherwise that was really it.
This week has been truly uneventful.

I've been in kind of a blah state of mind and have done the stupid crying thing this week for no or stupid reasons.

A bunch of Marines came back this week. They've been around shopping in the mall all week. We give a military discount so whenever I ask for ID ( you can always tell mili guys.. it's the haircut and the stance) .. and I see it's a marine. I ask if they just got back. When they say yes.. I always tell them "Welcome Home" It amazes me how shocked they are by the little gestures of people they don't expect it from. They always smile and say thanks. I wish it was my hubby who just got back. I miss him.

He's been able to call almost every morning this week. Today he called super early forgetting the time. He apologized profusely. I told him no sorry is necessary I'm just glad I get to talk to him. He's getting 18 days leave in April which is super, I won't be able to take that much time off but I'll take what I can. I am getting excited he is going to be home like super soon.

Today I tried the punkins Easter pictures. I decided to pass on the St Patty's pics although they prolly would've come out super cute. She was not cooperating, the outfit was too big and didn't have a bonnet. Not to mention she tore up the "do-nice" egg right after I took the pic.

I went to the PX and bought her a new dress to try again in a few days.

Then I made Ghirardelli fudge brownies.. as a trial run for when hubby comes home.
They are still cooling but they look damn good.

Like I said. I got nothin.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Good News and Bad News

The good news.................Mr. Medic's R&R was moved to April.

The bad news...................Mr. Medic's R&R was moved to April.

I'm super excited that hubby will be home sooner than initaily planned... November seemed so far away. Except now after April I have nothing to look forward to til deployments done.

Not to mention it screws up the getting knocked up plans.

He was originally taking R&R in November. I had it all set in my head that I was going to be here by myself for a year.. I had gotten used to that idea. Once Novemeber rolled around.. he'd be home for good, not soon after that.

April won't even be the half way mark ,it's barely 4 months. It seems like he just left and now he'll be back already. I've got to readjust to the fact that he's gonna be gone basically a whole year all over again. That makes me sad. It was hard enough for him to leave the first time.

I explained all this to him.. and he totally understands where I'm coming from with it(After he thought it was cause I didn't want to see him... silly) He explained to me that there's so many guys and so many slots and only so much time.

I get it, I really do.. but it just sux. It's kinda just like a big fat tease.. "Hi honey I'm home... but now I'm gonna be gone longer than planned" Am I wrong to think it's unfair?

All that being said... I can't wait to see him. I need a hug =o)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My dirty little secret.

I am a closet country music fan.

Yes.. i admit it... along with all my New Kids on the Block records... I dig me some country.

Don't get me wrong..... I am a total rock chic at heart and if you took one look at me you'd think.... no way that girl has the country music station programmed in her car.


I actually used to hate country with a passion... but thanx to my stepdad, Taylor Swift and my unborn child at the time.. i blame them.

While I was on maternity leave I discovered that MTV really doesn't play videos anymore.. and you really only can watch reruns of all the real worlds, CSIs and Law and Orders so many times before you want to scream. CMT and GAC are truly the only channels that actually PLAY videos.

My stepdad grew up in this little dink coal/farm town right outside Pittsburgh somewhere. I call it Greentown.. cuz whenever I see pics of it.. everythings always green. He grew up on country so at my parents.. the country music channel is always on. So before punkin was born and I was home every afternoon we'd watch "bad country videos" as I used to call them. Only after a while they weren't so bad.... then that "Tim Mcgraw" video/song came on and I was hooked. When the punkin was born.. she would sleep to the country channel

Mr.Medic ( my new name for the hub) was not impressed with my sudden country obsession. lol

So last night when Bowling for Soup and Montgomery Gentry played (for free) my rock girl and my country girl killed 2 birds with one stone. My babysitter and her 5 kids and the punkin and myself went on over. We had a kick butt time and cause mr. med is deployed we got to sit in the super cool blue star section right in front on the stage. It was way fun!

Other than Gretchen Wilson at Bayfest last summer(which was hubby's random idea), this was my first show since before the punkin was born. That's over 2 years... and I have seriously been lacking. So here's my next big dilemma.......April 16 "Say Anything" or May 1 "Sugarland"

Who wins.. the rock girl or the country girl...... decisions,decisions?LOL

Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Hey , that's a lot of blood for such a little person"

My punkin had to get her leg lanced on thursday. It very tramatic for both of us.

Prolly more for me.

Punkin is suceptable to skin staph infections.... apparently she gets it from me.

The other day she had one on her inner thigh that was so bad and I couldn't drain she started to run a fever.

Thursday morn at 630.. I woke up to call central appts. to make sure I could get a appointment at peds so I could get it looked at. Score 9am.

I figure maybe some antibiotics would fix it.. she was already taking amoxacillyn for a slight battle of a bad cold.. so I figured they'd change the antibotic and we'd be good.

I get to peds and the doc looks at her leg.

"That's looking really bad, we can change the antibiotic but even if it comes to a head it feels really big I don't think it'll drain as much as we want... we should prolly lance it."

OMG they want to cut my baby open.

Now, I get these things all the time and had 2 lanced. One on the back of my head that my hubby had to rush me to the ER cuz I thought my head was going to explode it hurt so bad. I know what it's like and I know how painful they can be. She was in a lot of pain .

He could tell my worry....he didn't pressure me and asked if I wanted to think about it for a few minutes.

Then he said this"I would be nervous about lancing her too but my only concern is that we are coming into a weekend and if she does get worse you have to take her to the ACC and they don't specialize in this on babies like we do."

OMG....done deal. Doc let's get this done.

So they set up the treatment room... They took my baby and wrapped her in a burrito( which she wiggled out of). It was me ,the doc, a resident, the head nurse and some other chic. It took almost 3 of us to hold her down.

(slight medical graphicness ahead)

They stuck her with like 4 needles to numb her up. Then covered the top with that benzine stuff. She screamed from the second we took her into the room. I swear she was going to hyper-ventalate and go into shock. I just wanted to cry. I wanted hub to be there, mr. medic would have totally been ok .

So finally after they cut her there was so much blood.It seemed like she just kept bleeding.

"That's a lot of blood for a little person"

"it's actually normal.. it's mostly diluted blood with the puss from the infection".. ok made me feel better.

It felt like it took forever and I could only sing "Ten in the bed and the little one said roll over" so many times to a screaming 15 moth old. Finally they were done.. they had to pack it and said there might be a little scar.

I told punkin it's ok her supermodel career was still intact.
The nurse laughed and said to punkin"It's good, you have a mom with a sense of humor"
My kid didn't understand but it made me feel better.

Once it was over and she was all taped up she was fine. The happy little girl she usually is.
I took her back yesterday for the follow up, they pulled the packing and said it looked great.

One more follow-up on monday and we are golden.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where did I put those keys?

I didn't put them anywhere.

I left them on the key ring when I pulled the LOCKED front door closed behind me.


Yup I did that today. On my way to work with the punkin in my hands and my car locked.

I do not have a spare key outside... anywhere.

I thought about trying to break in to the house but I figured it'd be to hard to do with the punkin and to difficult to explain if the MPs show up... considering the crackhead incidents upstairs.

I decided to walk to housing.

Thank goodness it's not that far away... but doing it carrying a 30+ pound kid, a purse and in 80 degree heat.... really sucked.

I got there and the chic in the office goes" I'm the only one here and I can't leave, leave your ID and I'll give you the key."

Ok, so I did. I walked back to the house(the punkin is heavy,lol.) opened the door, grabbed my keys and drove over to housing to drop off the key with the A/C full blast.

The weird thing is I had a dream the other night that I did that.

I guess it was my Self-fullfilling prophecy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hey I can see you!

I finally got to see my hub today on the webcam!

After 2 1/2 months it happened and it was an accident.

We got this skype thing.. so we can talk.. but apparently there is something wrong on my end and my mic is all screwed up. I can hear him but he can't hear me.

He talks.. I type. it's very strange.

So we were playing with the thing this morning and I clicked this button and there he was.

Unfortunitely...he couldn't see me or the punkin. Which made him very sad.

He dropped like 20 pounds so far and looked awesome... except for the fact he shaved his head. (I love his hair and now I totally need to start running or something)

I was happy to see him though.

I miss him bunches.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary to me

Yes my anniversary is 2 days after Valentine's day.

We didn't get ourselves organized to get all our paperwork in in time to get married on the 14th.. so we waited 2 days later.

The hub and I are celebrating our 2 year (yes only 2) wedding anniversary but we've known each other and dated on and off for 13 years.

It's been 2 long, crazy, twisted, winding roads with lots of bumps, bruises and ex's but the roads finally ended up where they were meant to.

We met at the mall. He was 18, I was 20.

Hub has known my BFF2 almost all his life, they grew up together and live around the corner. They have a very strange love-hate I was at work with her one night (we weren't BFFs yet) and he came in to visit her. I saw him and thought .. he's really cute. He was hanging out in the store and decided to go to the food court for something... to this day I don't remember.

Being the nice guy he is, he asks" Can I get you anything?"

My response..........."Yea... can I have you?"

The look on his face was priceless.....and that's the how we met story.

Shoot to the day we got married.

We decided lets just do it. so we did.

We were told about this little walk in wedding place. It was in a office building, right next to the courthouse and some judge married people on his lunchbreak from noon -1pm

We couldn't find the building and kept walking up and down the street til we finally asked somebody at the courthouse. We found the building and were the 1st couple in line. My hubby in his cast from his ankle surgery and me in these flipflops that hurt bad but were super cute with sparkles.

We walked in the office.. and stood under this cheesy wicker arch. The judge couldn't remember our names and had to look at the paper when saying our i do's. It was hysterical... but when it was over we were hubby and wife. We don't even have a single picture.

I have just one picture from the week we got married here in Hawaii. It's him and I on the beach in the rain. Him in his ACUs and me in this blue Seaside hghts, NJ hoodie. It's fuzzy and terrible but I still have it in a picture frame on the shelf.

If I had to do it all over again.... I'd do it the same way.

I'd just bring a camera.

Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2 days

I started at the new store yesterday.

I got up at the crack of dawn.. my commute is almost an hour and a half into downtown cuz I live out in east jabip and the traffic sux. I drop the kid off at the sitters and head to work. Surprising it wasn't as bad as I remembered it being.

I get there at just about 830.. I don't have keys yet so I have to wait a few minutes before my asst mgr(ASM#1) get to the store and lets me in.He gets there we go inside and do typical morning stuff. We run through the refresher of where everything is, and how everything is set up and what not.

So we are each counting out the drawers and he looks up at me.. very non-shalant.. "did you here about ASM#2?"

No what happened.

Her boyfriend was killed in Iraq this weekend.


I wouldn't kid about something like that.

Just like that.... blindsided.

I wrote the beginning of the blog this way to show how your typical normal day can absolutely just turn with just a few short words. My heart sank and almost started crying. I can't even explain the sadness I feel for her or how sad I am. I've been crying on and off for 2 days now.

Nothing at that point we could do seemed enough. We ordered her flowers and got her a card.. but really what can you do but be supportive.

That was yesterday.

Today she came to work... and worked. She said she didn't want to stay home that being in their apartment by herself it would drive her crazy. She talked alot about him, how she had found out from his parents, because since they weren't married they contacted them first. All about how she was going to miss him, how pissed off she was. How they were never going to see Scotland together like they had planned and how she wasn't going to miss when he wiped his boogers on her to annoy her. She hates They had been together over 2 years and were planning on getting married after he was to come back from Iraq.

There was alot of laughing today, happy memories that she needed and wanted to share. In appropriate jokes about the whole situation as part of the copeing mechanism. I've known her about a year and she is a strong chic.. probably one of the strongest women I know. I had met her man on a few occasions and he was a funny, entertaining, and a very cool dude.

Before we left I asked her if it was ok if I blogged about her.

She said " OK... but make sure you explain how amazing he was when you do it"

I think she just said it best.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Onward and Upward.

"Hey sweetie, after reading ur blog i realize im an asshole."

Wow, I didn't even think he actually READ my
Needless to say after i read the whole email from him I cried for like a half hour this morning before the punkin woke up. I'm feeling better now.

So I got promoted ......tomorrow I start at my new store.

I've been with my company for almost 7 years... I've been in retail a long time. Probabaly longer than a large chunk of my customers have been alive,lol.

I was luckily enough to be able to transfer out here to that store as an asst mgr.(i had to take a demotion) with my company, after the hub and I got married, so I was able to keep my job. Then transfered/promoted into another store as soon as it became available.

Now the chance to take this promotion and be a store manager of a super high volume mall and a giant tourist trap. I was kind of skeptical at first, but decided to go for it.

My last day at my old store was very bittersweet. I am going to miss them all so much. They are a super cool bunch of people and am lucky to have met them all. I'm glad I had them to get me through this first year back here.

Also the old mall.. most of the customer base of the are Marines.. so I will definitely miss the Eye candy. ( i can type that.. I tell hubby all the time about the eye

As for tomorrow.... I'm super excited, nervous and ridiculously freaked out. I've never run this busy of a store before and I really don't want to fall flat on my face. Wish me luck!

Now............................. I just have to learn Japanese.

Friday, February 8, 2008


I'm completely having one of those weeks.

I must be PMSing.

The hubby hasn't called in over a week and I'm kind of annoyed. He's been emailing that's why I'm not totally pisst yet. I'm just feeling underappreciated, I guess. I'm sending boxes and cards, taking care of the house, the kid and working full time. I haven't gotten a single card/letter or anything since the flower fiasco (which I had to take care of myself).. I know he goes the PX on a regular basis( I see the charges on the account,lol) A card would be nice just some kind of hey hon.. your doing a great job. 2 seconds it's not rocket science. Apparently everyone else has gotten to see their hub or boyfriend at least once on the webcam.. but no not me. I feel like I'm being selfish wanting just a little appreciation.

Monday it costs me $157 to register my car... for one year. I went through all the trouble to get the non- mili resident form and dependents don't qualify. The little fact the the car is in MY name and not his , screwed me. Thanx for telling me that BEFORE I went to DMV and BEFORE I tracked down that stupid USELESS FORM. Now I wouldn't mind paying that much to register my car.. but the roads here are shit. They have holes and bumps, it's like the slalom on land. I think they should reinberse ME for blowing my tire on crappy roads

Wednesday Punkin had to get her 15 month shots. She does shots surprising well. They stick her, she screams .. they go " here have a blue's clues sticker" then she stops.

Today~ no one can drive here. They suck and the traffic sucks. There was a huge traffic jam on the highway this morning. HUGE it was like all backed up and everything.. you'd think there was a turned over truck or something. It was 2 cars pulled our on the side of the road. Just sitting there..not bothering anybody. Why does everyone have to be so nosy.,... JUST DRIVE DAMMIT! The traffics bad enough without stopping for nothin.

then tonight..i'll never order from I am now boycotting them. They false advertise... because books, cds and dvds for order from Target aren't from target. They are from So when you get emails from saying stuffs on sale it's really not. GRRRRR>

Thank goodness the week's over and I have the next 2 days off.

Sigh.....I wish a blue's clues stickers made be feel better.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2 months down!!


This month wasn't so bad.

Nothing as hectic as month one.

It's going by pretty fast.

My valentine present came.. it was an ipod shuffle. It's what I wanted so no complaints. He even picked my a really cool color.

Well, I'm off to watch One Tree Hill.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Honey.... you need man friend.

Yes ... those were the words that came out of my mom's mouth on the way to the Airport.

I swear if I was drinking something it would've shot out my nose in disbelief.

WHAT??!!! Umm... I don't think hub would appreciate that.

No honey.. not THAT kind of a friend.. but a man friend to help you with stuff.

Ok.... you go tell hub that it was your idea to get me a "man friend" He'll love that.

Well then................ a gay man friend, so hub won't have to worry..

What kind of stuff is a gay man friend gonna help me with mom..

Like when you need something fixed.. like the baby gate.

(We bought a baby gate and it was a pain in the ass to install so I freaked out and kicked the gate. It went crashing onto the kitchen floor. )

I fixed the baby gate mom.... and you're tell me a gay man is gonna be able to install a baby gate better then me.

She thought about it for a second.... yea your right. you don't need a man friend.

That's what I thought



I'm still a believer Eli is a hack but they won so I complain not.

I taped the game to...just to watch the commercials.
Did anyone have any faves?