Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Hey , that's a lot of blood for such a little person"

My punkin had to get her leg lanced on thursday. It very tramatic for both of us.

Prolly more for me.

Punkin is suceptable to skin staph infections.... apparently she gets it from me.

The other day she had one on her inner thigh that was so bad and I couldn't drain she started to run a fever.

Thursday morn at 630.. I woke up to call central appts. to make sure I could get a appointment at peds so I could get it looked at. Score 9am.

I figure maybe some antibiotics would fix it.. she was already taking amoxacillyn for a slight battle of a bad cold.. so I figured they'd change the antibotic and we'd be good.

I get to peds and the doc looks at her leg.

"That's looking really bad, we can change the antibiotic but even if it comes to a head it feels really big I don't think it'll drain as much as we want... we should prolly lance it."

OMG they want to cut my baby open.

Now, I get these things all the time and had 2 lanced. One on the back of my head that my hubby had to rush me to the ER cuz I thought my head was going to explode it hurt so bad. I know what it's like and I know how painful they can be. She was in a lot of pain .

He could tell my worry....he didn't pressure me and asked if I wanted to think about it for a few minutes.

Then he said this"I would be nervous about lancing her too but my only concern is that we are coming into a weekend and if she does get worse you have to take her to the ACC and they don't specialize in this on babies like we do."

OMG....done deal. Doc let's get this done.

So they set up the treatment room... They took my baby and wrapped her in a burrito( which she wiggled out of). It was me ,the doc, a resident, the head nurse and some other chic. It took almost 3 of us to hold her down.

(slight medical graphicness ahead)

They stuck her with like 4 needles to numb her up. Then covered the top with that benzine stuff. She screamed from the second we took her into the room. I swear she was going to hyper-ventalate and go into shock. I just wanted to cry. I wanted hub to be there, mr. medic would have totally been ok .

So finally after they cut her there was so much blood.It seemed like she just kept bleeding.

"That's a lot of blood for a little person"

"it's actually normal.. it's mostly diluted blood with the puss from the infection".. ok made me feel better.

It felt like it took forever and I could only sing "Ten in the bed and the little one said roll over" so many times to a screaming 15 moth old. Finally they were done.. they had to pack it and said there might be a little scar.

I told punkin it's ok her supermodel career was still intact.
The nurse laughed and said to punkin"It's good, you have a mom with a sense of humor"
My kid didn't understand but it made me feel better.

Once it was over and she was all taped up she was fine. The happy little girl she usually is.
I took her back yesterday for the follow up, they pulled the packing and said it looked great.

One more follow-up on monday and we are golden.


trying said...

so sorry you didnt have mr. medic to lean on but you sound like you did great! its tough when you have to be strong for them and you want someone to be strong for you.

Dash-1 had to go under for some test over the summer and of course, flyboy was elsewhere.... so goes it for us right?! : )

wendy said...

Ouch! Poor baby! But I'm so glad you didn't have to go in over the weekend - I hate that.

Hope she's feeling better today!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Oh ewwww! How awful! Glad that's over and I hope that's the last of it for a looong time!