Friday, February 29, 2008

So yea, I got nothin.

Before I get to the blogging....
Tomorrow is BFF#1's birthday... and she'll read this so Happy Birthday D. You have been my true Partner in Crime ever since that summer working at the pool almost 15 years ago. You will always share my brain.. even from 5000 miles away. Remember when in doubt... Turn left; Barbara Streisand and Ocean City; and the most rented video of 1996 is.....I know you'll know the answer to this and laugh.

Monday the punkin got a clean bill of health from the doctor.. that made me happy.

Otherwise that was really it.
This week has been truly uneventful.

I've been in kind of a blah state of mind and have done the stupid crying thing this week for no or stupid reasons.

A bunch of Marines came back this week. They've been around shopping in the mall all week. We give a military discount so whenever I ask for ID ( you can always tell mili guys.. it's the haircut and the stance) .. and I see it's a marine. I ask if they just got back. When they say yes.. I always tell them "Welcome Home" It amazes me how shocked they are by the little gestures of people they don't expect it from. They always smile and say thanks. I wish it was my hubby who just got back. I miss him.

He's been able to call almost every morning this week. Today he called super early forgetting the time. He apologized profusely. I told him no sorry is necessary I'm just glad I get to talk to him. He's getting 18 days leave in April which is super, I won't be able to take that much time off but I'll take what I can. I am getting excited he is going to be home like super soon.

Today I tried the punkins Easter pictures. I decided to pass on the St Patty's pics although they prolly would've come out super cute. She was not cooperating, the outfit was too big and didn't have a bonnet. Not to mention she tore up the "do-nice" egg right after I took the pic.

I went to the PX and bought her a new dress to try again in a few days.

Then I made Ghirardelli fudge brownies.. as a trial run for when hubby comes home.
They are still cooling but they look damn good.

Like I said. I got nothin.



trying said...

Life is better with an amazing partner in crime isnt it? : )

Glad your little one is healthy. Sorry you've been emotional, we all have those weeks. I've been kinda like that too, I blame it on hormones. Damn them, damn them!

hang in there

wendy said...

Sorry about the blah week. But those brownies should do the trick. Hmmm. I wonder if there is a brownie mix hiding in the back of my cupboard...