Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where did I put those keys?

I didn't put them anywhere.

I left them on the key ring when I pulled the LOCKED front door closed behind me.


Yup I did that today. On my way to work with the punkin in my hands and my car locked.

I do not have a spare key outside... anywhere.

I thought about trying to break in to the house but I figured it'd be to hard to do with the punkin and to difficult to explain if the MPs show up... considering the crackhead incidents upstairs.

I decided to walk to housing.

Thank goodness it's not that far away... but doing it carrying a 30+ pound kid, a purse and in 80 degree heat.... really sucked.

I got there and the chic in the office goes" I'm the only one here and I can't leave, leave your ID and I'll give you the key."

Ok, so I did. I walked back to the house(the punkin is heavy,lol.) opened the door, grabbed my keys and drove over to housing to drop off the key with the A/C full blast.

The weird thing is I had a dream the other night that I did that.

I guess it was my Self-fullfilling prophecy.


trying said...

Oh your not alone... I've done that more times then I care to think about. I dont feel safe hiding a key on our property, I dont think I could sleep at night knowing one is out there. And our landlords didnt have a key and hubs was, as always, away. oh and yeah it was pouring. sigh. it was a sight.

Glad it worked out for you!

LoveMyTanker said...

I did that one time when hubs was deployed. I attempted to put a ladder up to the second story of the house, as the window was open, but I just couldn't reach it with our ladder. UGH! Off to housing I went with 2 little ones in tow!

My neighbors thought I was insane for trying to climb the house, I am sure. But, hey, it was worth a try. :)

wendy said...

I was looking all over the house for the keys yesterday - -- - - found them stuck into the lock on the outside of the front door! That's totally safe!

(I actually had one of my kids climb in through a window to unlock the house once...or twice...)

wendy said...

ps - like your cute headline thing!