Sunday, February 24, 2008

My dirty little secret.

I am a closet country music fan.

Yes.. i admit it... along with all my New Kids on the Block records... I dig me some country.

Don't get me wrong..... I am a total rock chic at heart and if you took one look at me you'd think.... no way that girl has the country music station programmed in her car.


I actually used to hate country with a passion... but thanx to my stepdad, Taylor Swift and my unborn child at the time.. i blame them.

While I was on maternity leave I discovered that MTV really doesn't play videos anymore.. and you really only can watch reruns of all the real worlds, CSIs and Law and Orders so many times before you want to scream. CMT and GAC are truly the only channels that actually PLAY videos.

My stepdad grew up in this little dink coal/farm town right outside Pittsburgh somewhere. I call it Greentown.. cuz whenever I see pics of it.. everythings always green. He grew up on country so at my parents.. the country music channel is always on. So before punkin was born and I was home every afternoon we'd watch "bad country videos" as I used to call them. Only after a while they weren't so bad.... then that "Tim Mcgraw" video/song came on and I was hooked. When the punkin was born.. she would sleep to the country channel

Mr.Medic ( my new name for the hub) was not impressed with my sudden country obsession. lol

So last night when Bowling for Soup and Montgomery Gentry played (for free) my rock girl and my country girl killed 2 birds with one stone. My babysitter and her 5 kids and the punkin and myself went on over. We had a kick butt time and cause mr. med is deployed we got to sit in the super cool blue star section right in front on the stage. It was way fun!

Other than Gretchen Wilson at Bayfest last summer(which was hubby's random idea), this was my first show since before the punkin was born. That's over 2 years... and I have seriously been lacking. So here's my next big dilemma.......April 16 "Say Anything" or May 1 "Sugarland"

Who wins.. the rock girl or the country girl...... decisions,decisions?LOL


KJ said...

Sooo I'm a little biased cause I'm a huge country music fan... but I saw sugarland in concert and had a BLAST!! Great show, fun songs! :)

trying said...

Im turning into more of a country fan, but dont be too embarassed. Flyboy is a classic rock fan... now that is embarassing.

wendy said...

It was a fun concert!

LoveMyTanker said...

You can be both! :)

I sure am!!

Caroline said...

My 2 cents is go with Sugarland, and be proud of your dirty little secret. It's been my experience the people who give you the hardest time are usually the ones who have a secret Dixie Chick stash!