Monday, February 25, 2008

Good News and Bad News

The good news.................Mr. Medic's R&R was moved to April.

The bad news...................Mr. Medic's R&R was moved to April.

I'm super excited that hubby will be home sooner than initaily planned... November seemed so far away. Except now after April I have nothing to look forward to til deployments done.

Not to mention it screws up the getting knocked up plans.

He was originally taking R&R in November. I had it all set in my head that I was going to be here by myself for a year.. I had gotten used to that idea. Once Novemeber rolled around.. he'd be home for good, not soon after that.

April won't even be the half way mark ,it's barely 4 months. It seems like he just left and now he'll be back already. I've got to readjust to the fact that he's gonna be gone basically a whole year all over again. That makes me sad. It was hard enough for him to leave the first time.

I explained all this to him.. and he totally understands where I'm coming from with it(After he thought it was cause I didn't want to see him... silly) He explained to me that there's so many guys and so many slots and only so much time.

I get it, I really do.. but it just sux. It's kinda just like a big fat tease.. "Hi honey I'm home... but now I'm gonna be gone longer than planned" Am I wrong to think it's unfair?

All that being said... I can't wait to see him. I need a hug =o)


trying said...

Leave it to the military to jumble up a good plan right? : )

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

*sigh* This can be so hard. Most of the guys I know say that their month of R&R is almost dreaded because then it's doubly hard when they have to go back. I know I've felt that way too. But try to enjoy him while he's home!

KJ said...

Well, it sucks, buuuutttt any time getting to see him I'm sure will be wonderful! Have fun hon.

wendy said...

That is hard. I can see how I'd prefer November, too. BUT - April is close, and how exciting to start planning for that!