Sunday, February 3, 2008

Honey.... you need man friend.

Yes ... those were the words that came out of my mom's mouth on the way to the Airport.

I swear if I was drinking something it would've shot out my nose in disbelief.

WHAT??!!! Umm... I don't think hub would appreciate that.

No honey.. not THAT kind of a friend.. but a man friend to help you with stuff.

Ok.... you go tell hub that it was your idea to get me a "man friend" He'll love that.

Well then................ a gay man friend, so hub won't have to worry..

What kind of stuff is a gay man friend gonna help me with mom..

Like when you need something fixed.. like the baby gate.

(We bought a baby gate and it was a pain in the ass to install so I freaked out and kicked the gate. It went crashing onto the kitchen floor. )

I fixed the baby gate mom.... and you're tell me a gay man is gonna be able to install a baby gate better then me.

She thought about it for a second.... yea your right. you don't need a man friend.

That's what I thought



I'm still a believer Eli is a hack but they won so I complain not.

I taped the game to...just to watch the commercials.
Did anyone have any faves?


wendy said...

Sometimes I just amaze myself at what I am able to do when my hubby is gone. The stuff that I don't even try to do when he's fix the broken rocking horse, and burn a cd (it only took me like 3 hours to figure out how!)

BUT I was happy when my neighbor came over on Friday and started dh's motorcycle for me. I was nervous about doing that.

KJ said...

I thought the E-Trade commercials were ok... nothing really got me excited though.

Glad you figured out the baby gate... took me all freaking day to put together and attatch my headboard to the bed frame when I first moved into the apt. and Sgt. was gone haha. - You can do it! :) Hope you had a great time with your mom!

trying said...

I'm with you, you dont need a man friend. you have milspouse super strength you can do anything! : )

i thought the e-trade baby commercials were cute, esp the clown one. And I liked the coca cola ones. But the game was better then the commercials. And you have to cut eli some slack now...