Friday, February 8, 2008


I'm completely having one of those weeks.

I must be PMSing.

The hubby hasn't called in over a week and I'm kind of annoyed. He's been emailing that's why I'm not totally pisst yet. I'm just feeling underappreciated, I guess. I'm sending boxes and cards, taking care of the house, the kid and working full time. I haven't gotten a single card/letter or anything since the flower fiasco (which I had to take care of myself).. I know he goes the PX on a regular basis( I see the charges on the account,lol) A card would be nice just some kind of hey hon.. your doing a great job. 2 seconds it's not rocket science. Apparently everyone else has gotten to see their hub or boyfriend at least once on the webcam.. but no not me. I feel like I'm being selfish wanting just a little appreciation.

Monday it costs me $157 to register my car... for one year. I went through all the trouble to get the non- mili resident form and dependents don't qualify. The little fact the the car is in MY name and not his , screwed me. Thanx for telling me that BEFORE I went to DMV and BEFORE I tracked down that stupid USELESS FORM. Now I wouldn't mind paying that much to register my car.. but the roads here are shit. They have holes and bumps, it's like the slalom on land. I think they should reinberse ME for blowing my tire on crappy roads

Wednesday Punkin had to get her 15 month shots. She does shots surprising well. They stick her, she screams .. they go " here have a blue's clues sticker" then she stops.

Today~ no one can drive here. They suck and the traffic sucks. There was a huge traffic jam on the highway this morning. HUGE it was like all backed up and everything.. you'd think there was a turned over truck or something. It was 2 cars pulled our on the side of the road. Just sitting there..not bothering anybody. Why does everyone have to be so nosy.,... JUST DRIVE DAMMIT! The traffics bad enough without stopping for nothin.

then tonight..i'll never order from I am now boycotting them. They false advertise... because books, cds and dvds for order from Target aren't from target. They are from So when you get emails from saying stuffs on sale it's really not. GRRRRR>

Thank goodness the week's over and I have the next 2 days off.

Sigh.....I wish a blue's clues stickers made be feel better.


KJ said...

I know what you mean about one of those weeks... had one last week. No it's not crazy for you to want to feel appreciated :).

I don't have any blues clues stickers... but... hmm.. I do have a bottle of wine!! I'd totally share it with ya haha. Hope this next week goes better for ya hon.

wendy said...

I'm having one of those weeks, too. I'm still too grouchy to blog about it, though...

target burned me last year.