Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bedrest and the Olympics.

It's official... with roughly 3 Weeks left I'm on bedrest.

I have to's not that bad. Hubby had to take leave to take care of the punkin.So he has off this week and then my mom will be coming up for 2 weeks. Hopefully, These kids hang in and my csection will go off without a hitch on the 15th. I guess I'll find out on Thursday. I'd love to have these kids on the 8th but I guess we'll see. I mean I'm carrying almost 11 lbs of babies and boy are they HEAVY.

When I went over to the Hospital the other night and they admitted me.. I was the ONLY person in the OB Ward. It was very cool to have all the attention and now I think I know every nurse by name.LOL. The hospital food here is kick ass... I was totally shocked. I got a menu and everything.

So I'm trying to be a good patient.. it is still hard considering we still have a 3 year old. She is still not totally understandng why mommy can't play in her room and can only play in mommy's bed. I feel bad..usually we have Kindergym, Dance and Storytime..but now she's not going to anything. Poor punkin is so bored.

Luckily for me the Olympics is on, that gives me something to watch. I'm an Olympics freak and watch all of it.. including Curling. Hubby and I got married 4 years ago last week when the Olympics was on. So it will always remind me of our wedding week.

Well I guess now that I have all this time on my hands I'll blog more..granted I'm not sure what I'll blog about since I'm stuck in bed..but I'm sure I'll think of something.