Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back from the Break

My mom and I decided to stay downtown Waikiki for a few days in a hotel.
Taking the punkin out of her routine is stressful....... FOR ME

I sent the hub an email before I left telling him I was going. It basically said that I know you hate to talk to me on the phone and since you dont call and only email I guess I wont hear from you til I get back.

I got a 2 word reply... which I got today... it said.... "NOT FUNNY
Apparently he hates to email me too

I'm being bitter today.

Anyways, we stayed downtown. It poured here for the last 2 days almost non-stop. Everytime we tried to go out it rained.

The hotel we stayed at is under MAJOR renovation but when I called I was told that all the guest rooms were finished and brand spankin new and the restaurants were still open. We've stayed there before and it's right next to the military hotel/parking lot so basically that was the reason we picked it.......

Cheap parking!

Monday we got there about 415pm. It was raining. The initial plan was to go walk over to the mili hotel and eat dinner. We nixed that idea cuz we didn't want to take punkin out in the rain. So we ate in the hotel.. then went up to the room and went to sleep at like 9:30.

930 bedtime for me... thats pathetic.

Tuesday we get up and its raining. Hubby called (yes he actually called)and I miss the call cuz I'm in the shower and mom didn't here the phone ring. .. Yes my day is off to a pissy start.

First we were going to go walk to breakfast but it was raining. So we ate in the hotel.. again.. at the SAME restaurant we ate at the night before. Then we decide to go to Ala Moana mall shopping.

We go upstairs.. get the baby packed, stroller, diaper bag, food.. all that baby stuff. Then head downstairs. We get downstairs and its pouring,(Now the parking lot is almost directly diagonal from the hotel .. not far, but far enough with a baby in the stroller in the rain.) so we wait in the lobby for a few minutes and finally it lightens up.

We decide to make a break for it...and head for the car.. We get all the way over there and I don't have my car keys. I look everyehere. my pockets, the diaperbag , my purse. I don't have them. I decide to book to the room and get the keys, it'll be easier then all three of us trekking back to the hotel and then back to the parking lot.

I leave my mom, the punkin in her stroller and a blanket.. and head upstairs. It's still lightly raining so I'm not too worried. I get to the room and my keys are on the corner of the bed. Apparently in loading the punkin.. I put them down and never picked them back up.

I get back downstairs.. I make decent time but apparently while I'm up there it rained again. I get back and my mom is soaked and the punkin is dry. She had taken the blanket and herself and made like an umbrealla. I felt bad.... but she didn't want to change.

We went to the mall ... she bought an umbrella.

It was pouring when we left for dinner.

We went to dinner with the only 2 friends I can hang out with at the coolest little restaurant ever called La Mariana(shameless plug,lol). It's the last of the old Hawaii tiki bars left here. It's way off the beaten path and if you don't know where it is you'll never find it. There was like 10 people in the whole place and they have this amazing piano player who is blind. We ate and the punkin danced to the piano. My mom loved it, she can't wait to take my stepdad there when they come out next time.

It was pouring after dinner.(i'm sick of rain)

We got back up to the room.. and as we were settling in. Hubby called back.

I called you this morning., you didnt answer, were you with your boyfriend.
Yes.. me, the boyfriend,my mom and the punkin. They both love him.
He's a Marine.

NOT FUNNY.. he says. (hehe.. smartass question, smartass answer.)

We talk for about 2 more seconds (Typical) then ... hey I gotta go. love you. love you back.

Then I went to bed. I'm home today.

It's a sad day when your home is more relaxing than your vacation.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The MPs Again? geez.

The crackhead upstairs was at it again.......sort of.

So my mom is here and she is staying with me. It's nice to have some company other than the punkin in the house.

Friday night we are sitting on the couch and there is all this raucous outside. My mom is like.. what's going on out there, is it always like this.

I tell her yes.. the girl upstairs is a crackhead. I proceed to tell her the whole story about her.

(For all your newcomers.. she was cheating on her hubby while he was in Iraq and got busted. Now they are getting divorced but she's allowed to live upstairs while random dudes come in and out, and he's in the barracks or wherever they banished him to. )
She says.. that's not fair. I agreed with her but welcome to housing.

I digress, I look out the window and see 2 dudes carrying a couch down the stairs and load it into the back of a pickup.

I think... SCORE! Crackhead's finally out!
I don't bother to look out the window again but hear them continue to move stuff out for the next few hours......then it stops.
I wish...... I never looked out that window.

Somewhere about 10:45 my doorbell rings. I think it's the crackhead, so I look out the window low and behold...

MPS!!!!................................Crap! I open the door.

The Mps ask me if I had heard any noise or disturbance. I say yea, but that's nothing new. Then they ask did I see anything. I told them 2 guys took out a couch and loaded into a pick up.

They looked at each other with that.. she knows something look.

Turns out.. that wasn't crackhead. Crackhead's hubby or hubby's friends snuck into the house while she was gone and took all her/his shit. Apparently he has a restraining order and can't come in or near the house. They wanted to see if I could identify anyone.

I told them I couldn't .....I just saw the back of the dudes heads and they were in ACUs. That's all I got.

They said thanx.. we'll be back we got to get a statement. Great, I know how this works.. I'll be up all night waiting for them. An hour later an actual HPD officer comes to the door.. asks if I could idenitfy the hubby. I said no I couldn't ID anyone.. I only saw the backs of people.

Then he was gone..I went to bed.

Like 20 minutes later my mom was like.. I think your doorbell rang.
Oh well... I said and pulled the covers over my head.

The next day I saw the crackhead taking out the garbage and she didn't say anything to me.

Just how I like it.

Maybe she'll really move now.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


MY mom flew in today and I started vacation.

So the next 10 days for me is gonna pretty much ROCK!

That's all I got for today, LOL.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coke, Kodak and Pink Sheets

Today... some positive stuff.

I love free stuff. I love coca-cola. I love Kodak gallery. Put those 3 things together I get very happy.

Coke rewards points gets me free stuff from Kodak gallery.

So far I sent the hubby a free mousepad with the pic of the punkin on it( he's afraid to use it he doesn't want to screw it up) and turned her into a bunch of free stickers.

If you drink a lot of Coke products. TOTALLY worth it!

Hubby called and I asked him if he liked our new sheets. "What new sheets"
Those pretty pink and red polka dot ones behind the punkin in her pictures, I say.

He was none too happy with the color and said they could stay til he got home. He said I could do whatever I wanted ......til he got home.

"Whatever I wanted?"

He told me... "No don't be a smartass". LOL.

I Love my Hubby.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hello Ma'am ... This is Sgt. "Smith"

Let me start by saying.. my hubby is fine.

The past few days I hadn't heard from hubby.. but he called the other night. He was sorry he hadn't called cuz they were in Blackout.

The Brigade had sustained the first casualtie.

He didn't go into much detail... he didn't know the soldier, he was in a different unit and didn't know any details. That was all that was said about it. We talked for a little longer then he had to go.

The next day I got a call on my voicemail " Hello Mrs. **, this is sgt " smith". Just wanted to touch base and see how you are, Just give me a call back I have some updates". It was late by the time I got my voicemail and hubby had already told me what was up I figured I'd call her back tomorrow.

I called her this morning..she wanted to update my info. She wanted my correct address.

All I could think was... They want to make sure they have the right address in case I get a knock. ( I told hubby this when he called me at work tonight and he said " Yup that's pretty much why").

It reminded me of when he was doing his class A's for inspection before he left . I didn't understand why.. he said " In case I die, they have to make sure they are burial ready"

Wow... that was morbid... but it was true.

After she got my address.. then she says" Also, I don't know if you've been watching the news, but there were a few injuries and we had our first casualtie. It was no one from "unit" though."

That was it. So matter of, oh by the way.. just an update.

When I got home from work... They had reported it on the 10 pm news. His name, age hometown.

I've been told there's a phone call when they are hurt and a knock when... well everyone knows what the knock is. I pray to god every day that I don't get either one of those.

I can't even imagine what that would be like I won't.

My deepest condolences goes out to his family and friends.

I don't really know how to end this one....

Friday, January 18, 2008

Valentine Pics and Friday Night Lights

I watch Friday Night Lights every friday.

The hub and I started watching it together this season... he DVRs it when I have to work late and we watch it together when I get home. It's our little tradition.

I miss him. A LOT.

Even now that he's gone I still watch it, I feel closer to him for some reason when I do.... it makes me happy and sad at the same time.

He finally called the other day... we talked for 20 minutes. Things were normal, nothing exciting. I bitched that he wasn't responding to emails and about something else and he's been responding ever since.

Lastly, I tried to take pics of the punkin today for Valentine's Day. I dressed her up in her Valentine's outfit and used my pink and red polka sheet as a backdrop and tried to get all creative. I gave her one of the roses from my bouquet. I made her a sign to hold that says " Miss U Daddy" ... she even had a little hat.

Let's just say I got more pics of her walking off the sheet then anything else. She was not the most cooperative punkin in the patch.

I got a few good pics and I'm using one for the Valentine's message so I'm Happy with what I got.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008



I figured out how to link to other pages.

I deserve a cookie.

I hope you guys don't mind that I added you.. if you do just lemme know I'll take ya down.
I'm sure I'll be adding more soon.

Nicoholas Sparks and Flowers(yes again)

First Nicholas Sparks...

I finished my book. I cried... then got annoyed.. and then went... figures.

I love Nicholas Sparks his books are amazing.. and I'm totally a fan.

"Dear John " totally worth the read, was great, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy goes to war........without giving away anything..... it ended the way it should have but .. I was slightly disappointed.

For those who have read it... he better be planning a sequel... that's my own opinion,lol.

If anyone wants to start reading Nicholas Sparks.. the 3 books to start with are definitely: A Walk to Remember; Night in Rodanthe; and The notebook. I'm sure everyone has SEEN " The Notebook" but read it. You'll love it on a whole new level.

Now for the flowers:

Hubby got a $15.00 off coupon in the mail today off his next flower order because they are " sorry your experience with us was less than satisfactory"

Sweet! Valentine's day and our anniversary are 2 days apart.. here's to DOUBLE FLOWERS.LOL

I just wanted to show how great these STILL look.
I guess it does pay to complain.
(FYI they came from the Hickam flower shop.. for all you Hawaii girls)


Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally a playdate!

So this morning I slept in til 9am. It was so nice.

Last night I had inventory so the punkin stayed at the sitter. I got up this morning took a nice shower where i didn't have to worry about the kid, vacuumed the rug cuz punkin is PETRIFIED of the vacuum (screaming , shaking and hyperventalating type reaction insues ) so it's best to not do it when she's around and drove the hub's jeep.

Now driving the hub's jeep may not sound like a big deal but I was told.." You need to drive my Jeep, if it sits there too long the transmission will go and it won't start. Just start it every few weeks and drive it around the block ok"
I'm not a jeep person, I hate it and I don't like driving with the punkin in the jeep I think it's unsafe..So it's been a little over a month and I haven't started it til today

SO I figured it'd be a good morning to do it.....I went outside, stuck the key in , turned....

It didn't start... it just clicked.

CRAP... he's gonna kill me.

So I sat in the jeep and just kept turning the key over and over and over...... and over... and over.....

and it started! So i drove it around the block, parked it back in the driveway and got in my honda and went to pick up the punkin.

So today we had a playdate with my old babysitter and her kid. He's 2 months older than the punkin so it was going to be fun.

Now this is my first official playdate... I don't know a whole bunch of people here with kids. Since I'm the boss, I'm not permitted to associate with anyone I work with outside of work (company Policy). I work, so I really dont have much time to do mommy and me and almost the hubbys whole unit are girls. Most are super young, kinda annoying and a specific garden tool, so I perfer to not associate with them.

Punkin and "P" had a great time. They played and laughed and shared. Punkin tried to give him hugs and he tried to walk away and shake her off. It was very funny. I think this is going to be a reoccuring thing now, which is good.

On the way home I stopped at Wendy's drive thru for dinner... got me a cheeseburger and punkin some chicken nuggets. I'm very excited her teeth came in and can eat real food.

Otherwise that was it. I still haven't heard from the hubby.. it's been almost a week, I think.

Oh I FINALLY met the neighbors. It was at diff times but both today . It was only like " hey whats up" I introduced myself and told them if they ever need anything I'm right next door.. J&C seem like nice people hopefully they won't turn into

Now I'm going to finish "DEAR JOHN" by Nicholas Sparks.

I love him.. he always makes me cry.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The uneventful

OK.. what happened.... where's all the drama.

The last few days have been very uneventful.

After FINALLY getting my flowers that are amazing awesome, nothing's happened.

Works been really hectic since we have inventory but lately nothing.

Now don't get me wrong I like the uneventful but the drama makes the days goes faster.

The highlights: I got the oil changed in the car, the punkin ate her first chicken nugget, I entered the punkin in the regis and kelly cute baby contest.. (hopefully she'll win the $125,000 for college) and on my way to starbucks T&C Surf had Roxy sheets(Pink 250 thread count cotton) on sale for 25 bux. I had to have those.

The squatter keeps getting mail to the house that I have to keep sending to Iraq. Apparently FED EX doesn't send to APO addresses.

The hubby keeps checking his email but not sending me any emails or replying to anything I send. Even when I thanked him for the flowers.

That really anoys me.

Do I have a right to be pisst off or am I over-reacting. He's not calling often either so something would be nice. He called a few days ago.. and was like oh I got the box. i didnt even get a thanks.

Oh well...I sent a card.. lets see what I get.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I want my flowers and I want them now.

It's been 4 days and my flowers are still not here... correction.. the RIGHT flowers aren't here.

I waited around almost all day on friday when about 3ish when the door rang. I was so excited and when I opened the door there was this lady with my flowers.

I actually said to the lady..."This is what my husband paid 80 bux for" she just looked at me.

People these things were pathetic, hubby would NEVER send me a bouquet like this. Its looked like someone had grabbed baby roses from the yard added babys breath and threw them in a glass.

Now he had never sent me flowers using 1800flowers before so just in case I went online and looked at what was supposed to come. It was supposed to be a premiem dozen long stemmed red roses.

These were NOT my Flowers.

So I called ... yada yada.. got the girl on the phone... I was so upset I started crying on the phone. She was like ma'am dont cry .. your gonna make me cry. Needless to say they were supposed to redeliver the flowers today.

Never came... Now i'm pisst.

I call back , this time I ask for the supervisor.The guy goes is there something I could try and help you with first. I tell him " Dude, trust me, I'm sure you don't get paid enough to get bitched at" He laughed and patched me through.

I get the supervisor , go through the whole thing and this time i say "This needs to be resolved... My hubby is in Iraq with a whole BRIGADE of men who are planning to send Flowers to their wives on valentine's day which is right around the corner. I'd hate to have him tell all of them about this experience and not use your company. That's alot of business you will lose." I hate having to be bitchy but working in retail I know how to get things done.

She's personally calling the florist herself in the morning and I'm supposed to have my flowers delivered before noon tomorrow.

Hub still doesn't know I didn't get them. He called this morning... he didn't ask. I didn't tell him.

He'll get an email saying how beautiful they are when they arrive... if they arrive.

The saga continues.... da da duuuuuuh.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bad Japanese horror movies

Let me start by saying.. I'm obsessed with bad Japanese horror movies.


I can't get enough of these things.... They are so creepy, beautifully shot and not the least bit scary that I always get sucked it. They do have pretty decent plot lines but poorly executed.

When turned into English they just plain.. SUCK! (ex: the ring, the grudge, pulse, etc)
The Japanese version of Pulse is on.. creepy yet not scary. Hense my rant.

My obsession with this started prolly about 5 years ago... when EVERY store in my company received a video tape in a plain manilla envelope, no return address. When you popped the tape in, it was the actual video in the ring and at the end.. it said something about death in 7 days.

Now at this point the American version of the Ring had not been released in theaters yet... and I get a phone call in hysterics from an asst mgr from another store..she had taken the video home watched it and assumed it was a death threat and and we were all gonna die.

Yeah.. uh,huh.

We were told to call security.. security comes and now I have to go to the office with security and watch this video.... and we watch it. After the 60 seconds are up and the creepy girl crawls outta the well. I look over and go to the guys.."dude , I'm so sorry... this looks like a promo tape." So anyways they take the video and the only thing that I had ever heard about it again was that the police took it and it was evidence. It's prolly in some cops desk in jersey somewhere, with him lauging at the dumbass that freaked out about it the first place.

2 months later the ring came out and everyone was like.. hey that was that tape.

That was then... this is now.

The Hub HATES when I watch these movies late at nite cuz they turn me into a six year old that just had candy before bad. It's like crack (I've never had it but I'm assuming) I get all wired and shaky and when we get into bed I don't shut up. I start rambling and make no sense about anything til he eventually is like " SHUT UP, I got PT in the morning" I miss him and wish he was here to enjoy (or not) this movie and the crackhead like aftermath with me.

So, I'm totally watching this and it's almost 1130 and now I don't have anyone to annoy so all I can do is laugh about it.

Better laugh.. then cry.

PS~ I'm still waiting for my flowers.. hopefully the correct ones will come tomorrow. The flower sequel will be my next blog. stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

One month down....

Woo Hoo!!!!

Not so bad.
I know it's only been a month but I'm really starting to realize..........

....... I can do this.

Granted the Army really didn't give me much of a choice.. but I'm taking it and running with it.

In nutshell month one was pretty crazy... him leaving, the exploding tire, crazy christmas hours, being overworked, pyscho Asst manager, pyscho neighbors, christmas, new years, lack of sleep, uncontrollable outbursts of crying at avril Lavigne videos, uncontrollable outbursts of crying at pretty much everything lame, screwed up flower order presents and just this constant feeling of always being overwhelmed.

Not bad I say... not bad at all.

One month down.... a year plus to go.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Flowers. what a great surprise! Uh.. not really.

I was supposed to get flowers yesterday... "supposed to" being keywords.

Hubby called the other day to tell me I was getting a present delivered to work and wanted to make sure I would be there. I said "Is it you?". He's like.. I dont think so. Obvisiously if it's not him it had to be flowers...

or a singing telegram... which would've been dam entertaining to see.

All day I waited for these things to come.. but no dice. Thank goodness at 11:30p Hawaii time 1800-flowers is open. I called the # and got some chic named Danielle. She was in NYC so she spoke perfect NY English (which I totally understood being from NJ and I hate being outsourced) and super nice for it being 430am.

I explain the situation.

I was supposed to get flowers today sent to my work... unfortunitely due to the fact my husband is in Iraq.. my surprise is now ruined because I have to call and now track down my lost flowers myself cuz obviously he's not able to do it. I'm off for the next 2 days and if these flowers get sent to my job , by the time I get to see them they'll already be half dead. Where are my flowers and I need them sent to the house.

Of course I was way nicer than paraphrasing above, left out the half dead part .. and totally utilized my deployed hubby status.

Let me tell you... that girl felt so terrible that my surprise from DH was wrecked, she was super apologenic and bent over backwards to help me get these flowers tracked down and try to get re-routed. She was going to try and even get me credited some of the money and what not, but because I wasn't on the hubs account I couldn't do anything but have them re-routed.

So now I wait.. for my not so surprise flowers.. hopefully they'll arrive here instead of work or I just wasted a day.(but that's one less day til my hubby comes home, I'm looking at the positive)

and I still haven't met the new neighbors.