Friday, January 18, 2008

Valentine Pics and Friday Night Lights

I watch Friday Night Lights every friday.

The hub and I started watching it together this season... he DVRs it when I have to work late and we watch it together when I get home. It's our little tradition.

I miss him. A LOT.

Even now that he's gone I still watch it, I feel closer to him for some reason when I do.... it makes me happy and sad at the same time.

He finally called the other day... we talked for 20 minutes. Things were normal, nothing exciting. I bitched that he wasn't responding to emails and about something else and he's been responding ever since.

Lastly, I tried to take pics of the punkin today for Valentine's Day. I dressed her up in her Valentine's outfit and used my pink and red polka sheet as a backdrop and tried to get all creative. I gave her one of the roses from my bouquet. I made her a sign to hold that says " Miss U Daddy" ... she even had a little hat.

Let's just say I got more pics of her walking off the sheet then anything else. She was not the most cooperative punkin in the patch.

I got a few good pics and I'm using one for the Valentine's message so I'm Happy with what I got.


trying said...

Adorable! I did that once with Dash-1 when he was little and he started eating the sign!

Have you seen those travel coffee mugs that you can slide in a pic under the plastic? I did one of those for flyboy to take with him on the road and he loves it. i had the boys put their hand prints (I wanted to do pink for v-day but that was gay apparently) and then Dash-1 added some scribbles. It would be a cute idea to send over to him. If you cant find it send me an email and I could always pick one up for you state side if you were interested... just an idea. Im a bit of a craft whore!

enjoy the weekend! and im sorry you miss him, I know how lonely it can be. Even with the little ones to keep you company. ((HUGS))

(sorry for the rambling comment!)

wendy said...

What a little cutie! Your photo shot is adorable!

I love the idea of a photo mug (I think I'm going to steal that)

I am excited for Lost 'cuz that's "our" show!

Ginger said...

I found your blog through "Married2Military"...adorable pic of your daughter!

We just finished a 15 month deployment to Iraq, so I understand the missing your soldier thing! How long till he's home?

Homemom3 said...

We played with sheets (blue and black satin) when daddy was away. Never tried pinks or reds, will have to keep that in mind for sending pics to the family during the holidays. She looks really cute btw.