Friday, January 4, 2008

Flowers. what a great surprise! Uh.. not really.

I was supposed to get flowers yesterday... "supposed to" being keywords.

Hubby called the other day to tell me I was getting a present delivered to work and wanted to make sure I would be there. I said "Is it you?". He's like.. I dont think so. Obvisiously if it's not him it had to be flowers...

or a singing telegram... which would've been dam entertaining to see.

All day I waited for these things to come.. but no dice. Thank goodness at 11:30p Hawaii time 1800-flowers is open. I called the # and got some chic named Danielle. She was in NYC so she spoke perfect NY English (which I totally understood being from NJ and I hate being outsourced) and super nice for it being 430am.

I explain the situation.

I was supposed to get flowers today sent to my work... unfortunitely due to the fact my husband is in Iraq.. my surprise is now ruined because I have to call and now track down my lost flowers myself cuz obviously he's not able to do it. I'm off for the next 2 days and if these flowers get sent to my job , by the time I get to see them they'll already be half dead. Where are my flowers and I need them sent to the house.

Of course I was way nicer than paraphrasing above, left out the half dead part .. and totally utilized my deployed hubby status.

Let me tell you... that girl felt so terrible that my surprise from DH was wrecked, she was super apologenic and bent over backwards to help me get these flowers tracked down and try to get re-routed. She was going to try and even get me credited some of the money and what not, but because I wasn't on the hubs account I couldn't do anything but have them re-routed.

So now I wait.. for my not so surprise flowers.. hopefully they'll arrive here instead of work or I just wasted a day.(but that's one less day til my hubby comes home, I'm looking at the positive)

and I still haven't met the new neighbors.


trying said...

I hope you get your flowers soon and when they show up they are beautiful!

That happened last valentines day with flowers hubby sent me. They do move a little faster at 1800 flowers when you use the whole "my husband is away" line.

ps. the line about resentment and allowing people to live rent free is a GREAT line! Ill have to remember that as I try to let go.

wendy said...

Bummer about the flowers. Last time my dh was deployed he called on Valentines day and asked if my flowers had was like 8:30pm and they hadn't come. He was totally mad and he also felt bad that he'd ruined the suprise. But they showed up while we were on the phone - the delivery girl looked totally exhausted!

I hope those flowers find you today!