Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bad Japanese horror movies

Let me start by saying.. I'm obsessed with bad Japanese horror movies.


I can't get enough of these things.... They are so creepy, beautifully shot and not the least bit scary that I always get sucked it. They do have pretty decent plot lines but poorly executed.

When turned into English they just plain.. SUCK! (ex: the ring, the grudge, pulse, etc)
The Japanese version of Pulse is on.. creepy yet not scary. Hense my rant.

My obsession with this started prolly about 5 years ago... when EVERY store in my company received a video tape in a plain manilla envelope, no return address. When you popped the tape in, it was the actual video in the ring and at the end.. it said something about death in 7 days.

Now at this point the American version of the Ring had not been released in theaters yet... and I get a phone call in hysterics from an asst mgr from another store..she had taken the video home watched it and assumed it was a death threat and and we were all gonna die.

Yeah.. uh,huh.

We were told to call security.. security comes and now I have to go to the office with security and watch this video.... and we watch it. After the 60 seconds are up and the creepy girl crawls outta the well. I look over and go to the guys.."dude , I'm so sorry... this looks like a promo tape." So anyways they take the video and the only thing that I had ever heard about it again was that the police took it and it was evidence. It's prolly in some cops desk in jersey somewhere, with him lauging at the dumbass that freaked out about it the first place.

2 months later the ring came out and everyone was like.. hey that was that tape.

That was then... this is now.

The Hub HATES when I watch these movies late at nite cuz they turn me into a six year old that just had candy before bad. It's like crack (I've never had it but I'm assuming) I get all wired and shaky and when we get into bed I don't shut up. I start rambling and make no sense about anything til he eventually is like " SHUT UP, I got PT in the morning" I miss him and wish he was here to enjoy (or not) this movie and the crackhead like aftermath with me.

So, I'm totally watching this and it's almost 1130 and now I don't have anyone to annoy so all I can do is laugh about it.

Better laugh.. then cry.

PS~ I'm still waiting for my flowers.. hopefully the correct ones will come tomorrow. The flower sequel will be my next blog. stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.

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