Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Release Tuesday!!

I wanna try something new. Hope everyone will audience participate
(If it works, I'll try something like it again next tuesday,lol. )

So as every music fan knows Tuesday is new Record release day.

As I was reading through the blogs Army wife More Than An (Army) Wife: My Top 10 Favorite Songs listed her top 10 favorite songs today which kind of goes in with the whole thing I was planning. (She has good taste.)

So today the new - Flogging Molly - record comes out! (yes honey I will buy it for you and send it to Iraq,lol) I'm not a fan of Flogging Molly, but I'm always on the search for new music to listen to.

I'm currently obsessed with new " - The Spill Canvas - No really, I'm fine"

So the question is.... What cd is in your cd player or what are you listening to in your Ipods right now?

PS~ My brownies turned out kick ass. Everyone should go buy the mix,lol.
PPS~ All my hyperlinks actually worked. I'm stoked!LOL


trying said...

mmm brownies. sad isnt it, your whole post and thats what im walking away with. the desire for brownies. nothing against your writing thats just how big of a pig I am!

Lets see in my cd player is a mix cd that a dear friend of mine, a huge music freak, bitter betty, (her blogging idea, not my nickname for her!) made for me. It has music from our friendship, got some new radicals on it, a little bit of HOLE, smidge of green day. Excellent all around cd. In my ipod, Dr. Laura podcast. Im a nerd I know, but I long for adult converstation some nights when hubs is flying.

KJ said...

I have a mix cd in right now (as well as one of my most frequently played playlists on my ipod) of Texas Country music. A lot of people aren't familiar with it but it's probably my favorite genre! A few of my favorites on the CD are

-Seven nights in Ire:Reckless Kelly
-Alabama:Cross Canadian Ragweed
-Miss you with me: Randy Rogers Bnd
-Crazy:Josh Grider
-Bend but don't break:No Justice

all of them should have myspace pages lol.

Lindsay aka Corn said...

Mine pretty much mirrors KJ's list, with the addition of Sara Barailles.

That Texas country just has a way of seeping into your blood!

(army)Wife said...

I love brownies!!

In my CD player is an 80s mix CD that I bought from Hallmark. I was surprised to learn that those crazy cats at Hallmark have good tast in music with songs such as Footloose, 99 Red Balloons, and of course, Total Eclipse of the Heart.

wendy said...

adding to my grocery list - brownie mix.

Playing right now on itunes - the killers. Earlier I was listening to Paul Simon Graceland. I am all old, and I don't really listen to a lot of music, but my middle schooler keeps my playlist a little more up to date.

ps - I had no idea that all new cd's came out on Tuesdays. that's how lame I am....

Anchored Away said...

I have a "soundtrack" playing as I write my thesis. The following are the tops on that list:

Endless Reverie - Azam Ali
Going Under - Evanescence
Lying From You - Linkin Park
Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson
The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails
Fallen - Sarah McLachlan
Redemption Song - Bob Marley
When the World Ends - Dave Matthews Band (Paul Oakenfold remix)
A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars
I Want to Save You - Something Corporate

Caroline said...

In my CD player now is a mix I made to tease Corn. They are all songs about Texas, her eye rolling is priceless to "When I Die just let me go to Texas." My all time 2favorite songs are, Weezer's "Buddy Holly" and Van Morrison's "I'll be your Lover too." I second your feelings on the Spill Canvas, LOVE them!

wifeunit said...

My car usually has Colbie Caillat in it lately. I can't wait for husband to get home and be forced into learning to love this cd. But since his daughter sings along in the adorable way only a little one could, I don't think it will be that traumatic. But that or Matisyahu or A Perfect Circle is usually playing.