Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sorry .. one more post. It's quick.

I'm watching the news.

Does anyone else throw stuff at the TV when the president is on?



Ann M. said...

We are more of the type to scream at the TV, and that happens a LOT when the president is on.

trying said...

I am not going to lie I use dash-1's little nerf rocket launcher to aim at the TV. Its great. If it hits just right then it will stick to their face. The pres not so much but our fearless senator ALL the time.

Anchored Away said...

Oh, yes. All. The. Time. I have to change the channel anymore b/c I fear for the well-being of my television. But this is almost exclusively when The Shrub is yammering away.

jlc said...

Haha I do! I do!

Found your post and am happy to see another Jersey Army wife with a blogspot.