Friday, March 14, 2008

"Quick honey.. go to the computer!"

Hubby and the roomates were all sitting around watching Jarhead the other night.

Ever since he's been having "Deer Hunter movie" paranoia.
He's called twice since then... today he went above and beyond.

If you haven't seen Jarhead.. this dude gets a video from his wife labeled "The Deer Hunter" When he pops the tape in, it's his wife and some dude going at it. Then she tells him to F off if I remember correctly.

So yesterday he calls super early and wakes me and the punkin up. He's all like what's up.
Nothing I was sleeping. ~Alone? he asks. ~No punkin's here too. ~Just her. ~ Yes, just her.
~Are you sure? ~ NO the boyfriend's here too, he's sleeping on your pillow. ~You better not have anybody else sleeping on my pillow, I'll kill him.~ Yes. I'm aware. You've told me.

Apparently..because of the movie. He had it is his head that I now have a boyfriend and he stays over . He has even given his made up boyfriend for me a name... Chris. (I don't even know a Chris). He thought "Chris" was going to answer my phone this morning.

Guys are stupid.

This morning he calls again. I was already awake.
"Quick honey.. go to the computer"

Ummm ok. so I go over and the webcam light is on.
" I see you.. I did it"
He hacked my computer and turned on the webcam. He was so proud of himself.
I asked if he did it to spy on me. Ummm no.....He laughed.

My hubby the computer guru... I told him I was unplugging the webcam.


KJ said...

Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh... sometimes I just think to myself - *slaps forehead* "men @@"

trying said...

Flyboy teases me about a boyfriend sometimes... as if I have the energy nor desire to clean up after one more male. Bad enough I have to put the toliet seat down after the little one now.

Men are MOrons sometimes.

wendy said...

You can hack web cams? Who knew! That is kind of creepy and cool.

Ann M. said...

That is funny. I'd unplug the webcam, too ;) My hubby gets paranoid over crazy things also. When he's deployed, I get to send him messages once a week but he can't send anything out. So I end up getting two or three obsessive letters when he comes home about why I only said that I was "OK" and not great or something else equally as minor. Sigh.

(army)Wife said...

Ok, good, so Stonewall isn't the only dumb husband when it comes to this topic.