Wednesday, March 26, 2008

eh, it's wednesday.

I've been very unmotivated to write... I guess cause I'm tired and nothing great has happened.

Sunday was Easter. Happy belated Easter. It was fun, I baked way too much junk food.. and managed to come home ONLY with a chocolate pudding pie. (YAY)It's now in the freezer for when hubby comes home.

He's starting the countdown.. every email includes " -- days til I get home" I'm super excited. My boss even said it was ok to take vacation.

Yesterday my Counting Crows cd came in the mail from hubby. It kicks butt.
I bought the new Panic! At the disco cd. I almost took it out of my cd player and snapped it in half, it was so terrible. Waste of money that was.

The punkin caught a stomach bug and puked for the first time yesterday, she was none to pleased.I felt really sorry for her. My little baby, I feel so bad for her.

Work has been super busy. I'm just tired.

(I just proofread this and as I read it I thought.. wow this post stinks. I'm totally lame this week, LOL)


Lindsay aka Corn said...

We all have those weeks...or months...and I swear, last year...anyway, I digress.

The countdowns are such a mixed blessing. It just seems like they make the time go slower!

trying said...

Oh I hope what your punkin has goes quickly... for here and you! Its tough when they are sick at that age. Their aim sucks!

Hang in there and keep counting down!