Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Has it been a year!

I swear I never meant to be away this long... alot of people probably totally forgot who I was. I decided to start writing again..I need some stimulus for my brain.

I've got some time on my hands now and a bunch of stuff to start blogging about again.This is one of my new years resolutions.. be it a little early.

Examples of stuff to blog:
The move to West Point
Being Unemployed
Transition to housewife again.. since hubby returned from Iraq.
Lastly.. being pregnant and getting ready to have Twins... yes folks.. Twins...which are due pretty soon.

Well.. I am off to my doctors appointment now and hopefully back on the computer either today or tomorrow.

No more long absences..that's the goal.

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wifeunit said...

You are still in my reader, so it came through and I remember you. And not just because I am a fellow Jersey native!

Congratulations on the move and the pregnancy! I hope you guys have a good transition between the I am Having Twins to the part where they are home and settling in. WOW! Twins! I hope the big sister is up for the challenge.

Glad you are looking to get back into writing. I have the same thing on my to do list for 2010 and might join you in my own attempt.