Monday, December 17, 2007

Ok , now what?

I totally thought that when started this little endevor that every day I would come up with somthing clever and witty to write. Instead I really don't. When people say life goes on.. it really does.

Every day I get up, get dressed, get the baby up. Somedays she goes to the sitters, somedays she doesn't. Most days I go to work. Either's the same as before only now I do it all by myself, alot more tired.... and way more sad.

Christmastime really's depressing. I can see how people kill themselves over the holidays. Now before anyone gets all panickey., I'm not suicidal. I don't have time for that... I'm way too busy and stressed out,lol. Besides.. then my kid will prolly end up having some "skank" as a stepmom.... I digress.

This year I put up no decorations...correction, I put a $3.00 wreath from walmart on the door. Call me Scrooge but I see no reason to put up decorations that no one will enjoy or that my kid is too little to understand. I work/commute like 60 hours a week, I barely see my kid, I never see my husband and I'm barely ever home. Coming home to an empty house every day just plain sucks. So why go through the effort to put them all up just to take them down.( myself) No real point to that. I can enjoy the lighted palm trees at work. (You just can't understand the concept of a lighted palm tree unless you live in "paradise")

Also, all day I watch people buy presents for other people. Living far away is a great money saver.. it means you really don't have to buy presents for anyone.. also means I'll get no presents in return. Checks and gift cards are great but some wrapped presents would've been nice. Hubby got presents before he left.. what did I get, jack shit. I got a " Buy what you want with money from the next check", a kiss on the head and a see ya in so -in-so months. Not the same thing, but thanx, I'd rather get nothing.

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't totally suck... At least my house doesn't get as dirty.

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