Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day two. Umm, yea... I need to talk to your District Manager

Ok so I figure day two will be a little better.. I was half right

I get up... correction.. the pumpkin wakes me up. Later than usual (about 730) so I don't complain. Now I have to deal with the busted tire.I take a shower and eat some cereal and call Firestone about 830ish. I get this dude on the phone.

" Hi I blew a tire last night and I have to be at work by 230 so I was hoping I could have it fixed by then"

He proceeds to tell me yes as long as I have the car there by 10. I get crackin.. get the baby loaded and head over. Driving past the exact same spot I was stuck in yesterday. I harbor no resentment(personally I think I should be reimbursed by GOD since it is an act of Nature)

I get to the place at 9:37... expecting to wait with my car. The dude tells me that since theres a donut on my car, I can leave the tire and someone will call me when it gets looked at.

Sweet! It can't take that long ...its a tire right..... WRONG!

So I go home and wait for the call. I go to the shoppette, get some milk and baby food. come back do some laundry. I Call the sitter and work and tell them both I'm gonna be late. So about 12:45 I call and try to find the status of my car.

The person on the phone says.. I don't know. I say can you check when I called this morning I told them I had to be at work by 230... its just a tire. The dude puts me on hold, comes back and tells me I'm the next work order on the thing. I think Sweet, it's a tire, it'll be totally done by 230.

So I finish getting ready for work drop the kid off at the babysitters and head to Firestone.

I get there and I'm like I'm here to see if my tire is ready. The guy looks me up and says no .. no one has looked at it yet. (the tire has been here since 930, but whatever)

"Well, when I called this morning I told the dude on the phone that I needed to have the tire fixed by 230 and if I had it here by 10 it would be. So you're telling me my tire has been here since 9:30 this morning and no one has even looked at it"

The dude proceeds to tell me no and the tire guy( there's a fuckin tire guy) is on his break, he'll be back in 15 . I'll have to wait.

Ok, 15 minutes not that bad. Now anyone who knows me, knows I have a short fuse when it comes to incompetent people and customer service. I work in retail.. so I know how I should be treated and this was definitely not it.

Luckily for me.. Firestone is attached to a convenient store. So I pick up a coke and a fast break bar and sit. Next to me is some dude on the phone talking to who cares. Then theres this other dude who apparently has been there as long as I have but actually had to stay there. The jist he told me was this was his second time there cuz they fucked up what they did the first time.

As I'm waiting my phone rings.. its my stepdad. I'm telling him the story with the tire. Rather loudly I might add.. so apparently they hear me and come out.

"Miss... the tire can't be fixed it has to be replaced. The new tire will be $96."

Ok.. so now I'm furious. They've had this tire all fuckin day. It's now 2 pm. This dude comes in from his break takes one look at the tire and says it can't be fixed. If it was that easy why couldn't he have done that first thing this morning. It took all of 2 fuckin seconds.. after all.. IT"S A GOD DAM TIRE!

" OK, so replace it. let get it on the car, I've got to go to work" He goes back inside. Just as this is going down phone rings. It's the hubby from undisclosed location #1. I explain to him whats going on.. he starts playing 20 questions. you ok, hows the baby. what happened. you changed the tire yourself. I'm like all is well and I continue as I am.. the guy comes out and says ok.. we can put the tire on the car but it's gonna take a few hours. A FEW HOURS?

I tell hub I have to go.. sorry I can't talk but I have to take care of this. He can tell I'm completely fumming and understands.I sadly hang up.

Now I'm all business mode and I'm pisst.

I go inside and theres this chic now behind the counter.

"Scott just came out and told me he could put the tire on the car but it's gonna take a few hours. what's a few hours?"

We have to fit you in between appointments so about another 3 or 4 hours.
(Did this chic just say 3 or 4 hours? To put a tire on the car)

That's it, I've had enough...

"That's not acceptable. You've had this tire since 930 this morning. I was told that itd be ready by the time I have to go to work, I got here at 130 and the tire hadnt even been looked at. The dude comes back from break and with in 5 minutes he looks at the tire and says he needs to be replaced. Why couldn't that have been done this morning since it took 5 minutes. Now here we are at 230 and I'm still here in the same situation I was this morninng. It's a tire"

She looks at me and says" I understand its a tire ma'am but we have to go in order of the appointments."

Is she kidding....

" I understand you have to go in order of appointments, but sometimes when theres a customer issue.. things get put out of order and somethings need to get taken care of first. Like this. I'm a store manager.. I know how things work.. I want the # for your District manager"

She writes it down on a business card and I ask for his name. she gives me his name. As she's standing there I whip out the cel phone, dial the # and walk into the waiting area. I see her turn and head towards the back as I walk out. No more than 20 seconds later , the manager comes out, asks for my keys, he's gonna take care of my car, 5 minutes later I'm on my way to work.

This whole interaction took a total of 25 minutes.If it was only gonna take 25 minutes then why couldn't they have done it first thing in the morn and it would've never come to this. Seriously.

Sometimes you don't need a man for car issues when your a girl.. all you need is an inner bitch.

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