Sunday, December 9, 2007

And so it begins.....

Here I sit... crying my eyes out to some lame ass Lifetime Christmas movie. Well, ok so it's really not that lame... the one about the kid and the Christmas Shoes for his dying mom. The only good thing about my hubby being deployed is he is not here to make fun of me right now for being some crying emotional sap.

So....I decided to start this blog cause I feel it will be theraputic. I'm sure there are other wives out there who will read this and totally relate, or some deployed husband who can finally get a slight glimpse into what the wives they've left behind(not by choice mind you) actually feel and go through while they're gone. There will be certain things that will be pretty vague cuz I don't want to go all Geraldo and give up any National security shit . Also, I like my anonimity. I like being just some chic writing whatever she wants and no one being able to be like " hey you're that chic". Thanx buddy , I am and I know.

My hubby deployed to "the sandbox" within the last week, in those recent days since he left has been very stressful. We have a daughter who is a little more than a year old, my family is about 4000 miles away seperated by 5 hours and an ocean. So basically.. here I am all alone, with a little kid on a rock in the middle of the ocean. Life doesn't get any better than this.... NOT!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those little girls all weepy , sad and panicked about what to do.I'm 33, college (sorority) educated, jersey girl, full- time job, pretty well put together and prolly one of the strongest women(emotionally) that I know.. but this thing sucks and I will have my moments.

That's what this blog is about.. what my days are like, how I handle stress, and how I feel. Sometimes it'll be sad, angry, funny but most of all (hopefully) always entertaining.

Feel free to share your thoughts, post your comments, good or bad. Share my blog with your friends. I love getting feedback (and attention). Welcome to my little view of life .. from the War(home)Front.

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i look forward to reading more