Monday, December 10, 2007

Day one/morning.

So on the day before my hubby left we got hit with this ridiculous typhoon like thunderstorm. (Blessing in disguise he wasn't able to deploy and got bumped an extra day)Trees went down, power was lost.. potholes were formed. Now make a note... potholes are the important part of the next story.

So the remnents of this crazy storm were felt the next day. So this whole side of the island was still a BIG disaster area. Due to the lack of power and down power lines one of the access gates on to base were closed..

So let me start by saying .. my husband had to be there at the CRACK OF FUCKIN DAWN. Now anyone in the military knows... that the crack of dawn is also when you have PT. Now here's the visual... all 6 gajillion soldiers(I exagerate) are now all trying to get on base at the same time with one less gate. No shit it took almost a half hour to go like 100 yards.. and this is at 05:15 am. So finally we get through the gate and get to where he has to be and the following words come out of his mouth.." Oh shit, I left my Kevlar at the house".

Now for all you non military folk a Kelvar is something very important when going into a War Zone. It's that thing you wear on your head so the bullets don't go through it. ... so yea kinda important.

So now I have to go back to the house and get this thing. Before those words I was really sad... now I was pisst... which was I good thing cuz now I was too annoyed to cry. Now on a normal day it wouldn't have been so bad... but now I have to drive home.... look for the thing .. and then try and get back on base with the other 6 gajillion cars that were also getting on base. Now I'm cranky, tired, it's not even 6am and I still haven't had any coffee.

While in the car on the way home.. my phone rings. i answer cuz it's the hub. he says " hey hun i also forgot this, this , this and this." Are you fuckin kidding me dude. Now I know he's leaving for an undisclosed amount of time... but I'm still pisst. I get to the house.. wake up the dude sleeping on my couch, I'll call him the squatter(whole other story.. no pun intended) and am like "i need these things I don't know what they are, you have to help". Now me and squatter are looking for things and I can't find anything but the kelvar. I call hub and the is the message i leave.

" Hey I can't find the fuckin thing, and it'd be really nice if you answered your fuckin phone". The funny part of this message being that when my husband wants to hear my voice and calls to listen to the last message I leave him over and over again.. That's what he'll hear. It omly would've been funnier if I had called him a fucktard.

So anyway he's calls me back, I put squatter on the phone who proceeds to find everything hubby was looking for. So I get baby, get back in car and drive back to base.. only to sit in the now what seems like 7 gajillion cars getting through the gate.

Ring.. ring. " yes" i answer.. " why are you not here yet?" I look around at all the cars in front and in back of me and say" I stopped for Dunkin donuts". FYI.. there's no Dunkin donuts in hawaii. " Not funny" he says. " i'm stuck in traffic , where do you think I am.. I'll get there when I get there.. hang up.

About 10 minutes later.. I get back to where he is and he meets me at the car, to get his stuff and we walk into the building area.

Now the over whelming seriousness of what's about to happen actually has started to sink in. There are all these soldiers that are saying good-bye to there wives, kids, parents etc. Everything that has transpired in the last hour doesn't even matter anymore. He is leaving and won't be back for a really long time and this impending sadness starts. We hang out for a while, spend a little quiet time in his office, feed the baby. I do really well for a while and then I start to tear up.

It's time to go.. all the buses have arrived and everyone starting to go. We hug for a while and I see him cry... my hubby never cries. He says bye to the "pumpkin"(our kid) and kisses her on the head. She's too young to understand.. I'm glad for that. We are both crying and he tells me I should go. We kiss goodbye and tell each other " I Love you".. I tell him don't do anything stupid. he smirks. We kiss again.. the last kiss til he comes home.. say our byes and love yous once again and I head toward the car.

I put the pumpkin in her car seat and sit in the drivers seat and cry. Just for a few minutes though...I pull myself together and start the car because... I still have to go to work.


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