Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day One. Nighttime.

So remember that those potholes I talked about in the last blog.. well this is where that pothole comes into play.

Let me tell you this was not your average pothole... it was a sinkhole.. a sinkhole the size of UGANDA...(once again I exagerate but you get the idea.) Do you remember I mentioned about the power going out. Here's the equation:

Pothole+ Power Outage + dark road = very bad thing.(and so the second part of my night ends).

I'm driving home from work... it's like 11:45 pm.. I've just picked up the kid from the babysitters house and now I'm headed home. I'm driving down the road.. a dark road with no lights(power outage).. and as I take the bend in the road to head towards my house.. there's this big boom sound. I continue to drive and my car starts to shake.

I know that feeling ... for I am one with my car. I heart my car therefore when somethings outta whack I can tell. This shake is definitely a blown tire.

I think to myself.. I'm not that far away I can make it home... but the logical part says.. if you try you'll destroy your rim and that'll be boo-coo bux. I pull over.

Usually I'm pretty calm in stressful situations but here I am, on the side of the road, a dark road, little baby in the car, in the middle of the night.. all by myself.

Now what? Hubby left this morning(figures) , squatter has left too(wouldnt have done me any good anyways cuz I dont have his phone #'s) So I do what any girl in my situation does... I start to cry and call my mommy. My mom is 4000 miles away and its like 4:45 am there.. so I wake them up out of a sound sleep.

I'm sure I freaked my mom out calling that early but I think she was too asleep to realize. I tell her what happens and she hands the phone to my stepdad. He now proceeds to try and walk me through the changing of the tire.... from NJ.

Here I am crying trying to change this tire... in the dark working only by... the light of my cel phone. It's raining, it's dark. Every few minutes a car drives by and no one stops to help. Not that I'm surprised.. people are crazy.. and I lost all faith in mankind years ago.

I manage to get the car jacked up and the tire off but I can't get the spare on.. so here I am trying to get the tire up.. raising the car a little more.. struggling with the tire.. raising the car.. struggling with the tire. this battle went on for what felt like forever .. I start crying again thinking I'm going to be stuck on the side of the road because I can't get the spare on and I start freaking out. Cursing up a storm.. I came this close to actually kicking the car off the jack.( that wouldn't have been very beneficial for me. though, especially with the pumpkin IN the car.)

Instead I scream.. I'm in the middle of a fuckin pineapple field, there's no one around so I scream.... one of those horror movie bloodcurdling screams. It did absolutely nothing to help the situation but it made me feel a whole lot fuckin better.

At that my stepdad does the best thing ever ... he starts to yell at me on the phone. Telling me I need to focus and my screaming and cursing is gonna wake up the "pumpkin"(she was still awake). If I'd stop crying and wipe the tears from my eyes I'd have changed the tire 15 minutes ago and I'd be home already.

He was right, I sucked it up... stopped crying, changed the tire and got on my merry way. The whole think took about 45 minutes beginning to end. Granted I was soaking wet and a muddy mess but I felt accomplished. I can now change a tire.

Hubby just left and this is day one... can't get any worse right????
Only a lot more days to go,lol.

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Dana said...

I wish I was there with you my BFF! We always said that we needed to learn how to change a tire! I want you to know that as I read each entry I was teary and you know that I was crying watching that Lifetime Movie too, shit, I even cry when I hear that song about the shoes on the radio! Hang in there and kiss the pumpkin for me! Love ya!