Wednesday, December 12, 2007

End of week one. The calm and the quiet.

So since the Firsesone fiasco... nothing really exciting has happened. MY life now basically resolves around my pumpkin and work. Oh so exciting.

Its seems as if the days are all starting to blend. Sunday I picked up the pumpkin's Christmas pictures and she's so ridiculously adorable I can't even stand it.

After sunday, the pumpkin peed through her diaper and soaked the pack-n-play, but honestly I can't even tell you what day. It sucked though , cuz she she's sleeps in my room and I use her crib basically as a place to store her clothes. So trying to empty the crib and get her to sleep in a place that she's not familiar with, at like midnight, is super inconveient. Needless to say, she didn't sleep and I had to wait til her pack n play was dry before she went back to sleep.

Monday the hub's sister went to have a baby checkup and they decided to induce her labor. So after 19 hours( yes i said 19) of labor.. they had to give her a c-section. Fuck that shit.. that's why I OPTED for a c-section. Tuesday, little baby "J"was born.... he's adorable. My hubs family apparently makes great looking kids. It's actually why I married him,lol. She was kinda bummed that her bro counldn't be there... but I sent the hub a text message ( Yes the cel phone works in undisclosed location #1) and he called her and all was good with the world.

Now here we are. End of week one. Not so bad. The baby is at the babysitters so I have the first peace and quiet I've had since the hub left. I kind of enjoy the solitude. I miss him bunches and bunches but in a way it's like he's not really away(he just called asking for money,typical,lol). I'm totally waiting for the hard part to start. I know it's coming.

I'm totally in the calm before the storm.

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