Thursday, December 27, 2007

3 weeks down ......a lot more to go.

It's been 3 weeks and I'm doing pretty well...... most of the time. I'm a trooper.. yea, let's go with that.

Hubby called the crack of dawn Christmas eve and then sent me an email asking for stuff... but haven't heard from him since. I've come to the realization that his emails from now on ...will just consistently ask for things, but whatev. His ipod crashed.. so I'm waiting for that request for Valentine's Day.

Christmas was pretty good. Me and the kid hung out at my friends neighbors house. It was decent times.. better than staying here alone. I took some pictures. This is the second Christmas that the hub has missed and it's the kids second christmas.. so you do the math.

We got new neighbors today... I haven't met them yet. They look normal.. so I'm assuming they're not crackhead ghetto trash like the chic upstairs.

The chic upstairs.. I'll call her crackhead, ( CH for short). CH cheats on her husband while he is in Iraq. He finds out while he's there... comes home on R&R obviously fight insues, MPs called. yada yada. Now he's home....HE has to live in the barracks, CH gets to stay in the house and the boyfriend comes and goes.. while the divorce is finalized.

So explain to me this.. CH cheats on him while he's at war... and she gets to stay.... what kind of bullshit is that? Everytime they are both here together.. something happens and MPs are called. How many times do MPs have to come before they get kicked out of housing. I keep my fingers crossed that day comes sooner than later.

Well that's all I got.. maybe something exciting will happen before New Year's.

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trying said...

hey three weeks down is still three weeks down! I would always feel a sense of relief on the week marker.

As for the neighbor that just makes me thankful housing was closed when we moved here! : )

Hope you are into your deployment routine soon enough.