Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dependency sucks.

I'm a very independent chic, but I'm not afraid to admit when I need help.

Right now I still don't need help.

I do however rely on a few people, which sucks for me, being so used to independency. Luckily my list of WHO I need to rely on is relatively short. I need my babysitter and my staff. If one of those things gets screwed up it throws my whole life into upheavel.

This week my staff fucked me, not all of them, just one. I won't go into major details just yet, if ever, just know that I am one pisst off bitch right now. Unfortunitely that one cog screws up the whole chain. The week before Christmas that's the last thing I need.

I have a job that you can't call out without screwing up everyone elses lives. I don't sit at a desk and process numbers so if you dont show up no big deal. I have a job that if you dont show up your store doesnt open and you dont make any money. The week before Christmas.. that's a very bad thing.

That being said ,I love my job. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world but sometimes being the boss blows. I'm in charge, so if someone doesn't show and no one else can cover.. it's me. I do it, not by choice.. cuz I don't have a choice.

The other night, that's what happened. Usually I don't mind, I leave the kid with the hub and off I go. There's no hub to leave the kid with, and I'm not going to make the babysitter work her 8th straight day in a row for an hour at 11 pm, , so I had to take her to work. On my day off.

Does anyone actually know what it's like to take a 1 year old to the mall at 10 pm at night for a hour and a half.

It sucks.

She was pretty good for a while, until she got super tired and cranky. We tried to be entertaining. The 2 girls I had working with me were super good sports about the whole thing and totally tried to entertain her while I worked. They wheeled her around the store in her stroller, gave her those little puffy things( which I refer to as Kid-crack) and danced with her around the store. I'm incredibly blessed my sales team likes me otherwise I prolly would've been majorly screwed. It's hard to count money and hold a baby at the same time.

Finally, I'm done. We've collected all the trash, straightened everything, closed the registers, just about on the way out the door and what happens.

The "pumpkin" pees...not just in her diaper, but through her diaper, through the stroller and in a nice little puddle on the floor under her stroller. " oh pumpkin". I do have to admit though it was kind of funny to actually see the little sprinkle trickle out on my sales floor.

So I do what every good mom does... pull her out of the stroller, change her diaper, clean up her little puddle with antibactiarial windex and paper towels and carry her out while I push the stroller. Sigh, oy vey.

The second I put her in the car seat she was out like a light. So peaceful. 3 Doors Down plays in the car and I enjoy my ride home.

I can't wait til next week is over.

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trying said...

I feel your pain on relying on people. I tried relying on some of my civilian mom friends while hubby was away and got the shaft. Im tired of people telling me to lean on other people and then when you do you get screwed. Its just easier to do it yourself sometimes. It just sucks when the one person you want to depend on isnt around to help.

military spouse ego. its a bitch.