Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sex and the City

Go.. Run to your theater and watch it.

Saturday night was Parents Nights we were kid free.
The girls and I went out to see the Sex and the City movie.

It was awesome. There was only 2 of us that actually had watched the series but everyone enjoyed it. It was nice to go to a movie.

The last time I went to a movie Hubby was home on R&R.

Otherwise this week has been pretty uneventful.

I started to interview new ASMs to replace ASM2.
She finally moved back to Oregon.... I'm going to miss her.
So if anyone wants a job.... let me know.. I'm a cool boss.. I swear,lol.

Lastly... today we hit the 6 month mark.
6 months down
I so wish that was the half way point.... this sucks.

I can't believe he has been gone that long.

I guess it was because he was just here.


New Girl on Post said...

I cannot wait to see the Sex and the City movie. I'm thinking about going to see it this weekend.

trying said...

I'm going to try to talk flyboy to see it next week while my mom is here to babysit. or ill just go solo darn him.

Congrats on the 6 mth mark. your making it thru. and smashingly well i might add. hang in there the rest will fly by (did you buy that? i tried to make it sound as true as i could.) : )

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Hooray for 6 months down!

KJ said...

I think you're doing fabulous through your deployment... 6 months is definitely something to be proud of!

Good luck with finding a new ASM!

wendy said...

We were at the movies friday night, too. How fun to have a girls' night!