Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog was in the mall yesterday.

We were working and my sales associate goes "hey it's dog". I'm like ..cool.
He goes... no not A dog.. THE Dog.lol

Sure enough there he was.. long hair and all. He looks just like he did on TV only not chasing a criminal. Then this couple with a baby stopped him. He shook the guys hand and took a picture with them.

I thought that was a really cool gesture.

Otherwise this week has been boring. Hectic with work training the new girl.. but otherwise that's it.

Right now I'm watching "Lars and the Real Girl"... kinda weird kinda good. I'll have to get back to you when it's over.

Lastly, my friends and I are throwing a "Passion Party" this weekend... I'm sure I'll definitely have something to blog about with that,LOL.


New Girl on Post said...

How hilarious and random that you saw Dog yesterday. I'll have to tell my friend. She's a huge fan.

Oh and let us know about Lars too. I put it on my Netflix account and want to know if I should leave it on there.

wendy said...

Awesome! When we first moved here, my hubby was always on the lookout for Dog.

Lindsay aka Corn said...

I'm so jealous. I'd be even more jealous if it was Leland you saw. Make that Leland minus the pony tail but plus the leg holster.