Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bye Bye Neighbors

Another set gone.. I think?

My next door neighbors,the young couple that just moved in in Decemeber, apparently split up and the wife took their baby and went back home.

I work too much I didn't even realize.

She's 22, he's 21, their daughter is 9 months old, they've been married a little over a year, he basically just got out of AIT, this is their first duty station .. and he'll be deploying to Iraq for the first time in the fall.

*C* went back home right around the time hubby left to go back from R&R. She was gone for about 3 weeks and came back the end of May. I hadn't really seen her much. Today I saw she was online on her Myspace. I sent her a message saying I hadn't seen her in a while, I was going to pricebusters and if she wanted to come.

She messaged me back.. in a nutshell... *J* freaked out and said that he was getting annoyed with her, he hated her and didn't want to be with her anymore. So friday she packed up their 9 month old daughter and left. Hence why I hadn't seen her.

Apparently, she thinks that the fact he's deploying to Iraq in a few months freaked him out and this is how he handled it. She said this isn't the first time he's did this and didn't seem too phased by this.

Trust me, I'm the last person to judge anyones marriage, but I'm kinda on the fence about this. Part of me thinks that if this is something he does all the time and it's a phase, now that they have a kid, wouldn't she stick it out, opposed to just bailing? Then part of me thinks...why'd she put up with his shit for so long? Am I wrong for thinking this way?

Either way,I feel bad and it sucks....

I dread getting new neighbors. Sigh.

PS~ Lars and the Real Girl. Worth the watch...Very different. I cried at the end and couldn't believe why I was actually crying.


New Girl on Post said...

I wonder why people don't try to stick things out sometimes. It's like at the first hint of trouble they're out of there. If I had left when times were tough, I'd have been gone long ago.

Hope you get some decent neighbors though!

trying said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to judge but being confused why they dont just batten down the hatches and stay thru the storm. Maybe immatureity (im not trying to say that young people shouldnt marry lord i was only 22) but some of it might be that coupled with the stress of a baby (stress, aint that an understatement!) and the fear and unknowing of an up coming deployment. Hubs and I just agreed that divorce was not an option.

Ana said...

Wow, if Oliver ever said he hated me, that would be some huge issue we'd have to resolve RIGHT THEN. No way would I wait to have it happen again and again.

But, I will say, someone told me once that you never really know what's going on inside, and it's true. I hope it's not that wacky for their kid, though. That's no way to grow up.

wendy said...

Marriage is tricky. And being so far away from home is hard. But I feel bad for her baby. She's going to need her dad. Where's Dr. Laura when you need her?