Sunday, July 6, 2008

3 Doors Down!

My life has been really uneventful this past week.
It's been all work and no play makes me a lame chic.LOL

Last night that changed.

Every July the Marine Corps base throws this huge event called Bayfest. It's basically a 3 day long carnival. Rides, food, etc.... but the BIG draw is always the concerts. Each night is a different show. 3 nights- 2 rock 1 country or vice versa.

This year it was- Rodney Atkins/Little Big Town; 3 Doors Down; Everclear/Live.

I found out 3 Doors Down was coming in March and have been stoked ever since. I love them and every time they've come to Jersey I've been there. Due to my schedule I could only go one day.. so I bet you can guess which day that was.

So 2 of my friends and I headed out to the base for a little kid free night out.

Once you get on a Marine base... there's one thing that you always notice.

(Yes I say that knowing my hubby will read this)

They always look so nice and squared away in their uniforms.
They make the best eye candy ever.
(Next to you honey.......Love you)
So anyways.LOL

We had a blast... we walked around.
I had a deep friend twinkie, forced my friends to try it,lol.
It was dam good.( When I saw the sign all I could think about was Trying's post about the twinkie and had to get one,lol.)
I ate so much junk.. it was like I was on the Jersey boardwalk.

We ended up about 25/50 feet from the stage. They rocked. It was packed.
Thank goodness it was outside otherwise forget it.
I screamed my head off and left there with no voice.
They played all the staples, I bought a tee shirt and I wish they would've played longer.

.... but here's the thing about 3DD.

They are truly a military supporting band. I can't tell you how many times Brett came to the end of the stage and thanked everyone for their service. Thanked the spouses. Dedicated songs out to the crowd and what not.

They really are not just a great band... but a great bunch of guys.

I am a fan for life.

Oh and one more thing....
7 months down!


Ann M. said...

sounds like an awesome time!

Jamie said...

hot marines AND deep fried twinkies .. yummy! LOL

Laura said...

Oh, I'm jealous! Marines, twinkies and a great band?!? Sounds like (almost) the best time ever!

wendy said...

Awesome! Kid-free eye-candy and fried-twinkies....totally jealous!