Sunday, July 27, 2008

Batman, Batman, Batman!

I know it's been a while and I never finished my story , I'll do that soon.

It's been super hectic around here with Back to School coming. Work has been crazy and that has completely absorbed my life right now. I barely even have gotten online and haven't checked any Blogs in a week.

Sorry, but I do plan on catching up and commenting on everyone very soon.

I did however leave early on Saturday to see the new Batman. The perks of the being the boss I guess. It was pretty kick butt and Heath Ledger really was as good as people said he was.

He was a LUNATIC! No one will do him justice in the next movie whoever the cast to replay him.

A few things worth mentioning:
~Hubby finally called after 22 days,after I emailed him and was like "hey you realize it's been 3 weeks since you called here right?" He loses all track of time over there.. He's miserable,cranky and is thinking of re-classing.
~Did I mention I saw Batman
~I got a new phone and it's the coolest thing ever, now if I can only figure out how to make it work.
~My best friend will be here in exactly 3 weeks
~ My birthday is 3 days after that and we're having an 80s party. If anyones in Hawaii that week and wants to come let me know.
~I saw the coolest giant spider made of Legos ever. I have pics and will post them when I upload my camera.

Otherwise, that's really it.


wendy said...

I hear you on the busy week/month... How cute that your best buddy is coming to visit! Fun!

22 days~ Holy cow! I'm glad he finally called!

The Mrs. said...

You have been missed.

Something about the summer that is more hectic. And mine arent even in school yet!

have fun with everything you have coming up.