Friday, May 30, 2008

Ok.. enough is enough already.

I got pulled over last night.... the MPS... Again.

I get up(on an average day) between anywhere where from 5:45-8am. If I open I 'm out of the house by 7 and don't get home til around 7pm. If I close...I'm still up super early.. I leave my house by 12:15 the latest and usually don't get home til about 11:30pm/midnight.

My days are long.

Yesterday I closed... suprisingly the store wasn't trashed so we got out decently early. Now it takes me about a 1/2 hour to get up this end... then I have to go on base.. pick up my kid from the sitter then get back off base and drive out to my housing. I go through the gate usually between 1030-midnight every night. This is the shift they give all the boot Mps. Everytime I've been pulled over it has been some yut yut private who needs to me to be his guinea pig on how to give a warning, right a ticket etc. Yesterday was no different.

I'm so tired of these boot Mps harassing me because they get a shitty shift.... and I'm one of the few cars that come through the gate that they can bother.

Last night I'm on the road into housing. I don't speed on this road.. the Mps are always there so I know better. I see this car coming at me ,as it passes me, I see it's an decides to turn around.

Ok weird.... then his lights go on. Then a second MP.
Then the punkin wakes up.

I was not speeding.. I'll be the first to admit it if I was but I wasn't.. not last night.

SO i pull over and get all my info stuff and am half way out the window waiting for the cop.
This is 11:09

AS he gets to the window.. I'm like.. I don't understand I wasn't speeding.
~I clocked you doing 44.
NO way... I never speed up this road.. I know you guys always sit here so there was no way I was speeding.
~You were.. I have you locked in at 44. (he was so like neener neener neener I got you)
I go~ Whatever. do what you have to do.

I'm like super pisst, first off there is no way I was speeding and could he clock me going 44 when he was driving at me in the other direction. .. but whatever.

He starts walking back to his car and towards the other MP when I stick my head out the window

" Hey could you at least turn your spotlights off, I have a 19 month old in the back seat who WAS asleep when you pulled me over. So could you be alittle considerate for her sake." I'm so tired of them all thinking their shit doesn't stink.

They look at each other and when they get in the car they turn the spotlights and flashing lights off. Score for me.

So I wait for them to come back and issue my ticket. ... and wait and wait and wait. I waited so long.. first I shut my lights off.. then I shut my car off.

At 11:41 They finally come back to the car. I sat there on the side of the road with the baby in the back.. awake... for over a half hour. What? Did they make the paper to write the ticket on.

So he gets to the car and tells me he is issuing me a ticket.
I go Whatever.. it doesn't matter.
He then continues -you're getting a ticket for your registration being expired.

HOLD ON! My registration is not expired.
~ Yes ma'am it is.. it says here 2008.
At this point I'm like.. It's not . I have the right one in here somewhere. I turn the lights on open the glove compartment and proceed to go through everything in my glove box. once, twice.. 3 times.
I say to the MP... I know it's here I just paid $157 to get this stupid car registered.
He goes yes ma'am that's this one you gave me but it's 2008.

I take the registration back from him and look at it.. Then i look up at him and read him the little paragraph above where it says 2008.

"This registration is valid until the last day of February 2009." (yup folks 2009)
I show him the little 2009 # and look at the other MP . The other MP has that oh shit look.
The boot takes the thing from me.

As he looks at it, everything that has just transpired gets to me, it's been a super long day and I'm so tired..........I completely break down in tears.

Like beyond break down, to the point where I am almost hyper-ventilating in the front seat.
At this point the MPs don't know what to do.. they look at each other, walk to the back of the car and start talking on their little walkie things. I hear them reading my license plate # into the walkie .. but I'm still crying and don't really care.

Finally they come back over... and the boot is like~ are you ok ma'am.
I'm still crying- Yea, I'm fine.

We'll ok.. here's your info back. We're just going to let you go, just slow down next time.
OK- I put everything on my carseat and continue to cry. He goes back to his car

The punkin must've thought I was crazy.

I finally compose myself enough to put my stuff away and I apparently in my watersoaked eyes I misplace my insurance card. SO now once again I am going through everything to find the stupid insurance card. I'm about to give up and go home.. the Boot is at my window again.

You ok ma'am.
Yea, I just can't find my insurance card.
He hands it to me through the window.
He had it the whole time~Thanx.
~I'm sorry about the confusion with your Registration ma'am.
It's fine.
~We're gonna block traffic so you can get on the road.. whenever you're ready.
(It's midnight... block what traffic)

I get myself together and start to drive home. The one follows me all the way through the gate and almost to my house. I guess he wanted to make sure I didn't crash the car with the baby in it since I was so upset.

I finally pull into the driveway .. It's midnight.
I just sit in the car and cry.
My kid must've totally thought I was insane.

After I stopped crying....
All I could think was.. thank goodness I didn't get a ticket on base.
Hubby would've killed me.


trying said...

man your title was spot on, enough is enough already. too bad the fine for running one of those jokers over would be REALLY high or else id suggest that!

wendy said...

That is a bad night. I wonder if there was something in the air. I had a major crying attack last night. over pizza. I'm still too embarrassed to write about it...maybe tomorrow... Sometimes it's good to cry, thought, you know?

ps - I've never heard the term "boot" I'm assuming it means young military cop guy. right?

Ann M. said...

Ugh. Such crap! I feel like you whenever you drive on base, you should attach a big banner or something to your car: "No, I'm not speeding. My license, ID, and registration are up to date. There is a sleeping baby in my car. Go pick on somebody else!"

But I bet they'd pull you over for the banner.

KJ said...

awww, I'm sorry you had such a terrible night! That sucks, no other way to put it. Atleast they didn't give you a ticket though! (Especially one you didn't even deserve)

Hope today is going much better for you!