Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's play catch up... part 1

So things have been all sorts of crazy around here since the hubby left.
This is a long one.. so grab a cuppa coffee, some cake and pull up a chair.
Don't worry I'll break it up in parts if you wanna take a break,LOL.
We are past the 5 months down mark and under the 300 days left mark.
I guess that's good.
Last Saturday the Food Network was having a Wedding cake food challenge marathon. I decided I can do that and I want to start a career making wedding cakes.

Now if I could only figure out how to make that fondent stuff... I'm good.
(I'm sure this is just a phase)
I once again had issues with 1800-flowers.

Hub sent me flowers again. The girl walks up the walkway with the arrangement thats not mine. Before she can even get to the door I'm like "Those aren't my flowers, I'm supposed to get 2 dozen roses." She goes back to the car and gets the right flowers but there are no balloons. She says she'll check on it when she gets back to base. I get inside and open the card and it was some dude name Rick. My husband is not named Rick. I go outside and catch her before she gets in the car, she takes the card and goes "Is your husband's name Drew?"

Oy vey.

Needless to say, I never got the right card and called 1800-flowers. They credited the balloons.
This was my..."sorry I had to go back to Iraq bouquet".
Then I found out the President of the company is coming to my store, so that's just a wee bit stressful.
(This is the LONG part)

Last Tuesday when I picked up the punkin from the sitters house, she felt really hot. Not super hot to worry about but a little on the warm side. I get home give her some children's tylenol and put her to sleep.

At about 130am she wakes up crying. I pick her up and she's burning hot, I get the ear thermometer and stick it in her ear. For some reason it's on celcius, I don't know how to read that and can't figure out how to change it back ... but the thing has one of those sad faces... so I know that's not good. I go online and try to find a conversion table but everything I find is in French so that doesn't help me. I call my house in Jersey. It's 630 am I know everyones awake.

My stepdad answers the phone.." You're up early?" I tell him the situation, he goes online and pulls up a chart. Turns out she's running a 103 degree fever. At this point I start freaking out, am getting dressed and debating whether or not to take her to the hospital. My mom gets on the phone and talks me down from the ledge. I give punkin more tylenol and try keep her cool. Mom says wait a little while see if the tylenol helps.

It does, her temp drops a little and she falls back to sleep. Needless to say I barely sleep, keep checking her and basically am waiting til 630 when central appts open so I can take her to the doctor. I call get an appt and we are off to the Docs for 9am.

Everyone in there knows her because of when she had her leg cut open and they call her "the warrior". It's very entertaining. The doc guy comes out and calls her name, realizes its her and goes "It's my little warrior". I love the peds clinic here.

He takes her temp. 102.7. Does the rest of the basics and puts us in a room. The doc comes in and gives her an exam, punkin's being her normal happy self like she's not even sick. Doc can't find anything wrong with her except the fever. She says... there's definitely something manifesting, it looks like she's got Roseola.


Apparently it's a childhood virus that is a few days of a very high fever that abrutly stops and then your kid will break out in a red non-itchy rash from head to toe. She said it's common so not to worry, make sure she drinking and stays hydrated. That day she was fine... she slept alot but all in all was ok.

The next day still the high fever and I couldn't get her to eat or drink anything. (I partially think she was doing it for spite cuz she knew it was freaking me out) I tried everything, different juices, water, different sippy cups, bottles. She's not peeing and hasn't pooped in days, mostly just wants to sleep. Finally by about 4pm, I start crying convinced she's going to dehydrate. I call my mom...... again.

She says don't panic. Take her for a walk in the stroller with some juice, maybe she'll drink while she's out for the walk.... no dice.

I call her again. She tells me go to the store and buy ice pops. The coolness will be good and since they are basically frozen juice, that'll help too. I do. She eats one ice pop. I felt a little better. Mom calls me back and asked if it worked. I said yes... but I'm still freaked out.

Hubby calls... I had emailed him after the first doc appt so he wanted to see how she was doing. I tell him everything and she's not drinking. So at this point he plays backseat Medic.. telling me to try this and that. I completely lose it.

"Yes, I tried that and that and that. I even tried smashing up ice cubes and giving her ice chips. I've tried everything.. trust me. So don't tell me what to do.. it's not like your here to help me or anything"

OOps.. Probably not the best thing to say to someone in Iraq. I could tell right after I said it, he was none to pleased.

"Ya know hone, it's not like I choose to be here"
Needless to say I felt terribly. I apologized and he knew I was stressed. He told me to keep him posted.

Thursday morning I call out of work and I go back to the docs. She has a low grade fever, but still not eating, drinking, etc. Punkin doesn't do much, just lay on my shoulder this trip. The doc looks in her mouth apparently she has a virus that has caused swollen gums. It's the 3rd case this week the doc had seen. Which is prolly the reason why she hadn't been eating or drinking, cuz it just hurts too much... she said.

I had never heard of that, neither had my mom or my mom in law.

The doc says she's not dehydrated and it's normal to be sleepy when your sick... keep trying to give her drinks, the ice pops especially cause her mouth.. if the fever doesn't break or she continues to not drink by saturday bring her in to the ACC. As long as she's still having wet diapers.. that's a good sign.

We go home, she lays down and takes a long nap. She wakes up about 3 hours later... no fever.. and drinks a whole sippy of juice. Just like that.... it's over. She still won't eat but we are back to the drinking!

Friday she starts eating again.

Saturday morning.. she breaks out in the rash.....by Sunday night the rash is gone and the whole thing is over. She's perfectly fine.

Happy Mother's Day to me!

(Part 2 tomorrow.)


Lindsay aka Corn said...

scary! Glad she's doing better!

Ann M. said...

How scary! I had Roseola as a baby, too, the first winter after I was born, and the doctor told my mom to put me out in the snow to lower my fever!! Glad she is doing better now.

Your bouquet looks lovely :)

wendy said...

Poor baby! Worrying about a sick baby is the worst. I'm so glad she's feeling better. We've been a little sick around here, too. blech.

You have the worst luck with flowers. But how sweet is he to send them to you so often! Getting flowers is kind of bitter-sweet for me. My dh only sends flowers when he's deployed. He just doesn't do that when he's around. So, though I enjoy the flowers, it means he's gone...

trying said...

sigh. motherhood. scarier then iraq sometimes! (my husband actually admited to that)

enjoy the flowers during the few moments of peace you get. hope pumpkin is feeling better soon!

wendy said...

part 2? Jrzy army wife meets wendy's tiki hut crew at the base pool?

do you guys ever go there?