Sunday, May 25, 2008

Celebrating life.

Today is the one day that we are supposed to remember the dead that fought for our country. Personally they should get more than one day... but every day is a Memorial to those who get left behind.

I know there are tens of thousands of servicemen and women that were killed.. but there are 2 specifically that I want to mention in this blog.

The first is Army Sgt. Trevor A. Blumberg
I didn't know this man... no one I know knew this man but here is the story of why I mention him.

When the war first started my mom became obsessed with the Casualties page at She's always read the obituary page in the newspaper, so the fact that she did this never shocked me. She would look at all the pictures and google their names, read all about them in their home town paper.

That day in Sept 2003, she stumbled across Trevor's picture. She started to google. There was something about this young soldier's death that pulled at her heartstrings. She said part of it was that he was so young . The other was she couldn't believe that he had been in Iraq only 3 days before he was killed. 3 days... that's it.

She had a bracelet made for Trevor.. she never wore it and it sat on the dresser for a while before I said.."Aren't you ever gonna wear it?" She said no she just wanted to honor his death. That day I put it on and wore it for a long time, honoring some young soldier that I had never met.

The second is Army Sgt. Gary D. Willett aka Calvin
This was ASM2 boyfriend.

Calvin was a kick ass dude... I had met him on only a few occasions but he was always entertaining and funny. Him and ASM were an eclectic couple... and loved each other so much. She was crushed by his death yet still kept up a good attitude and spoke of him still everyday. I am so sorry for her loss.

I truly wish I would've gotten to know him better and wish even more that he hadn't of died.

Trevor and will forever be in our hearts.
You may be gone but you will never been forgotten.


trying said...

what a nice way to remember two very fine young men.

wendy said...

Di you see the picture in the base paper of the young soldier from here recently killed in Iraq? I wanted to post up something about him on my blog for Memorial day, but I chickened out.

I don't know him, but there's something so sweet about him in his thick glasses. He was so young. I worried about his mom on Memorial Day.

wendy said...

di = did. sheesh.

How are you feeling today?