Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life is a Highway.....

and mine cost me 147 bux.

That's how much my speeding ticket cost me.

Now I'm from Jersey... so I like to drive fast. I have driving in my blood.. my grandpa was a NYC cab driver when he was younger and my Dad used to race cars... so let's just say I'm a bit of a speed demon.

The speed limit is ridiculously low here (55, I didn't know people were still allowed to drive 55 anymore) and they have minimum/maximum speeds. There is definitely something wrong with a place where they have minimum speeds.. but I digress.

I was cruising in my car on my way to work... like I mentioned before I drive fast.

sidenote* I never drive in the left lane. It's a little speed racer trick my Dad taught me when I was learning to drive. Always drive in the middle or right lane, it makes you look like you are going slower than you really are. Also, I don't speed with the baby in the car.*

I've been a little distracted since the hubby left. .. I didn't realize that I was still in the left lane when all of a sudden there was the little motorcycle cop with the radar right on me.

He knew I was busted ........I knew I was busted.

I pulled over infront of him.... he got on his motorcycle and drove all 50 feet to my car, and walked over to the window with the Radar gun in hand. It said 73.. but I knew that already cause I looked at my BIG BRIGHT DIGITAL numbers on my dash as soon as I saw him.

"Do you know how fast you were going?"

" I didn't even realize I was going that fast, totally my fault"

I had nothing, I couldn't think of anything whitty to say, I just shrugged.
In hindsight maybe I could've offered him a donut or something.

He was a nice though, he looked surprised that I wasn't gonna pitch a fit.
So there's $147 down the drain.

That is the first speeding ticket that I wasn't able to get out of in all my years of driving.

Note to self: remember no driving in left lane


trying said...

yikes thats a pricey one. im a speed demon now after driving so many hours on the garden state! now i complain if traffic is only going 65 on it!

Ann M. said...

DOH! That stinks!

wendy said...


What amazes me about the 55 mph speed is that so many people actually drive 55. That totally blew me away when we first moved here. I try to keep it at 64...

How are you doing?