Thursday, April 24, 2008

R&R.. is almost over.

So it's been a while. How ya'll doin?
Don't worry next week I'll be back in full force.

Hubby's R&R is winding down. It's been a great mini vacation.

We got a lot of things accomplished that I definitely couldn't have done on my own.

It's going to be very weird getting re-adjusted to non- hubby life for the next year. It was so nice having him around.. and I'm going to miss him so badly. He put one of those little countdown things on the computer with the days left.

300 plus days suck.

Punkin also got really accustomed to him being around. I know the first few days she is going to be super confused and wander around the house looking for him. It's going to be so sad.

Last night, our babysitter kept the Punkin overnight and hubby and I got one night alone down in Waikiki. We splurged and stayed at the Moana Surfrider, it's one of the oldest Hotels in town and completely remodeled.

In my years of life I've learned to work the system. I called the reservation # at beginning of the week to make the reservation, I booked the cheapest deal I could find. Even the cheap rooms at this hotel are super nice.

Tuesday night at about 10pm I called the hotel directly (it's always best to call late when it's not busy at the front desk). I got some very nice lady on the phone and explained that my hubby was home for R&R from Iraq and he was leaving to go back shortly. I asked if the hotel wasn't at full capacity was there any way they would be able to upgrade me to a better room. She said that she would do what she could, the hotel was pretty full but she'd put in the request.

Yesterday when we checked in... when the guy was finished and giving us the info .. he told us we'd been upgraded to.......


(I've tried this numerous times before and 9 times outta 10... it works. If you ever want a great room at a cheap price.. try it. )

The room was amazing, the view was fantastic and we just had a great time. It was nice to have some quality alone time.

Now I just wait for the inevitable.

PS~ I got the support ribbon cake pan. They had it at the PX for only 9 bux.
I so can't wait to make a cake.

Hope it will make me feel less sad.


trying said...

personally cake always helps me feel less sad. maybe i shouldnt be broadcasting that! its great to hear that r and r has been going welll. i know the adjustment is going to be hard on you and the little one. one day at a time (blah blah blah right it still sucks!)

enjoy your cake!

KJ said...

Glad you guys have had such a great time!! Guh, sucks that he's leaving again soon though :-\. Hope you enjoy the last few days together!!

Baking in general always makes me feel better, although I'd rather give the food away than eat it... most of the time anyway ;)

Ann M. said...

I am so sad that your R&R time is winding down, but it is great to hear that you had a nice time and got that sweet deal on the hotel room.

Baking a cake would cheer me up a little, too....I think...

wendy said...

Your post makes me a little achy in my heart for you. R and R seems so bitter sweet.

I am so glad you were able to have a night out, and what a sweet deal you scored. I'm totally going to try that!

Let me know if you need someone to share a cake with...

Caitlin said...

I came across your blog, my boyfriend was deployed and I know how hard it is when the R&R nears an end...the anticipation can almost be worse than the actually goodbye sometimes, you know? Anyway the best of luck, I hope you and your little one are doing alright.