Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm a Big Loser!

Ok New Kids on the Block are on the Today show.

I was a big stupid loser face fan back in the day.

We camped out for tickets at 5 am in the freezing cold for tickets when I was 15.There was 8 of us.
We took a limo to the concert and I went in a cast with a broken ankle.
(Now that's dedication right there!)

I even wore a Joey Mcintyre pin as flare on my name tag til it "disappeared"
I swear someone took it.
Joey McIntyre
They are getting together and putting out a new record this summer.

The audience is all like 30 year old women screaming at the top of there lungs wearing their old NKOTB merch.

I almost started screaming myself, I was so giddy.
The punkin didn't appreciate them as much as I apparently did.

I realized....

If I was in Jersey.. I totally would've cut life to go see them like I did when I was 15.Is anyone else as excited about this as I am?

Apparently I'm still a big stupid loser face fan.LOL


trying said...

You know I never got into the NKOTB. I dont know why. but i dont think your a loser... well ok.. maybe a little bit of one! jk

oh as for good charlotte... I do. you know whats hilarious is that they were the kids in school that they sing about hating. yes yes they were wearing preppy polos and driving to school... hardly getting free lunch and having to schlep to the bus in the rain. but I digress.

wendy said...

I had a giant pin of Danny? or maybe Joey? It was true love.

I may need some NKOTB for my ipod...

(big stupid loser face here, too.)

Ann M. said...

I Tivo'd the Today show yesterday.'re not alone in Loserville. I made my dad take a bunch of my friends and I to see them at the Meadowlands when they did a christmas concert there... heh.