Monday, April 14, 2008

Just like it always is.

It's been a week since Hubby got home and it's kinda like he never left... which is a good thing.

He's watching T.O.P. Army fighter on the couch.. I gave it a shot.. it's kinda lame so I figured I'd catch everyone up.

~Monday night I headed over to the Airport to pick him up and his flight was delayed by a half hour. What am I going to do with a little kid in an empty airport for a half hour?

We went to the USO.

I never had been there but I knew where it was, so me and the punkin strolled over. I went in there it was almost like a movie theater. A giant screen tv with like 7 big cushy chairs in front... it was super quiet with the lights out and everyone watching Family guy. Luckily they had a kids room, so I took the punkin and played in there for a little bit to kill time. After about 20 minutes I decided to head over to the baggage claim.

As we strolled over the plane had just landed and people were coming off the plane. I didn't have to wait long.... I was so excited to see him. I felt like a total scene in a movie.. GI (in uniform) comes off plane, big hug and kiss ensue, people stare.
He was like "Don't cry",lol. I didn't I was good.

Punkin was iffy with Daddy.. she was very shy and wouldn't go to him AT ALL.
We got home about 10:30ish.

She still wasn't completely comfortable with Daddy yet .. I left her on the bed with him that morning and left the room for like 5 seconds and she completely freaked out. I went to work and dropped the kid off at the babysitters... I figured Hubby would like the sleep.

I was so not in the work frame of mind but I had a HQ visit on thursday so I needed to focus but it was super hard considering work was the last place I wanted to be.

I left early, hubby and I went to commissary and did some grocery shopping. Punkin totally came around that night with Daddy which I was grateful for since she was going to have to stay with him all day Wednesday. Thursday we decided we would have date night.

MPs came about crackhead upstairs again.. her hubby was here and his Chain of Command. I've learned to just keep my windows closed and mind my own business after the last time the MPs were called.

I had to work so Hubby had punkin all day. He had some errands to run like get his WAAAYYYY expired jeep registered and inspected. I had to give him a very detailed "baby schedule" list.. he only called a few times that day and was right back in the swing of things. That night he started to get sick.

MPs again today.

Day of visit. Head honcho from HQ came and visit went super duper well. Loved everything.. I was stoked! I was so excited about date night. I got home and Hubby was like sick and dying on couch. Apparently he had a 24 hour bug lots of puking ensued... I felt so terrible he was so sick. I totally thought he was going to dehydrate and off to Tripler we'd be going.

So no date night.

MPs again today and furniture being moved......hmmmmm?

Last day before vacation. Hubby was feeling better, I worked. He stayed home.
Nothing else.

First day of vacation., it's so nice to know that for the rest of the time hubby is here I get to spend all of it with him.

That morning we got up early and finally got our taxes done. (Did I mention I'm a slacker?)

Then we went to the PX.

We tried to get my car inspected so no more gate guard problems, but the inspection place was closed. Hubby decided to call the dealer and see what he could do. He dropped the "I'm on leave from Iraq" card and now the dealer is going to look at the car tomorrow and take care of the problem.

Apparently crackhead upstairs FINALLY got kicked out of housing. Her divorce was finally FINAL.. but she was trying to linger as long as possible. So the MPs kept coming to make sure she was really out. YAYAYYAYAYAY!

Her hubby was here to clean out the rest of his stuff. I felt bad for him... he totally got screwed and she made him lose rank because she is such a crackhead.

I just hope the new neighbors are going to be good neighbors.

The night before was "parents night out" where the base Daycare watches your kids so parents can get a break away. I have 4 amazingly great friends whose hubby's are also deployed so every parent's night out we have girls night. This was the first one I missed.... I think I have a very valid reason.

Sunday morning I open the front door and see a big smiley face balloon floating in the window of my screen. I open the door and see this balloon is tied to a basket with a card inside. I open the card and it's signed "Your jealous friends". Let's just say the basket had a bottle of wine, a pregnancy test and other "themed" goodies. Hubby and I had a big laugh about it... Army wives definitely know how to shop.LOL.
We went to Lowe's and hubby fixed the grill.(He is so useful.) Then we had mini-date night. After baby went to sleep we watched "No country for old men". Movie was kind of a let down but it was great to be able to just veg on the couch with the hub and watch a movie.
I had to go to work for an hour today and get my yearly review.
I got a raise! YAY!
Hubby bought a video game.
(He can't play it here his XBOX is in Iraq.. hehe.)
Otherwise that was week one.


wifeunit said...


I love your friends idea!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

So glad to hear he's home. Enjoy the rest of your time together!

trying said...

so great to hear that you guys feel right back into where yall left off. enjoy the rest of your r & r. : )

KJ said...

Yay, I'm so happy for you!! I hope the rest of his leave goes great! Enjoy it!

wendy said...

How sweet. I love the gift from your girlfriends. That is too cute. I'm going to have to remember that...

hope thing quiet down around your neighborhood, and have fun!