Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jack in the box... so good so bad.

So i ate one of those Jack in the box Bacon BBq sirlion burgers today. As soon as I was done I totally thought I was going to puck.. and I had completely clogged an artery.

I had to toss my fries... I was bummed. I love Jack in the Crack fries.
(I did put my shake in the freezer for later though).

I've decided not to really play complete catch up with my life at this point.. I'm just gonna take it from here.

I do wanna show 2 pics.
One is my attempt at making a baseball cake for Sports themed Parents night out. It's a devil's food ice cream cake that I layered myself. I'm getting good at this baking thing.

The other is the pic of my mother's day flowers that arrived without incident. I think they are scared of me now. I'd be scared of me if I was them. LOL


I've been in a really bad funk the past few weeks... I hadn't really wanted to write. I really haven't had anything positive to say. Lonliness totally set in after the hubby left and we've spoken like 3 times. All his emails were basically him asking for things. I seriously considered packing up the punkin and I, quiting my job and heading back to Jersey.

Then I thought I was pregnant which made me really depressed. It's not that I don't want to have a baby, but the thought of being here alone, pregnant, with the punkin ,working and then actually having the baby here alone since he wouldn't be back in time. I was a complete mess. Thankfully, for now, we are back on the ORIGINAL schedule for baby #2.

Needless to say...I'm not a quitter and I'm feeling better. No drugs needed,lol.

I pitched a fit and am getting better emails. Then the other day season 1 and 2 of Friday Night Lights showed up via

My best friend and my parents have booked their trips to come visit. *D* in August for my birthday (the big 34) and the folks in September. That will totally break up the upcoming months til the hub gets home.

Then yesterday was the best kicker ever. The president of our company came yesterday to visit. I'd never met her before and she is one KICK ASS chic. She stayed for like an hour.. we did the chit chat thing and talked about business.. then she left. About an hour later my boss calls and tells me Pres was super impressed with me, my team, the store .. the whole kit and caboodle.

VALIDATION! All my hard work isn't in vain.

Last night I rented "P.S. I Love you" on PPV. OMG I cried like a little girl through the whole movie. It was so good. I recommend for everyone who hasn't seen it.

Finally I feel like things are falling back into place.
(I should be back consistently on the blog radar again...hopefully)


trying said...

Sorry your feeling a little down. I cant imagine why. Allright that was a lame attempt at humor.

Even if you did pack up and head back to jersey for a bit it wouldnt make you a quitter. it would make you human. your facing a lot and I am amazed at how well you do it all. Working, having a little one, husband away, and oceans away from your family. WOW. Im amazed by you my dear. amazed


d.a.r. said...

Glad to see you back, I will have to admit that I was wondering where you disappeared to. Sorry to hear that you were in a funk, but I definitely think that given everything going on it was understandable.

I've heard from so many people that the time immediately following R&R is the worst, and even harder than the initial good-bye. Hopefully with family and friends coming to visit you will be able to break up the time and the last months before your hubs is home will just fly. You have SO much on your plate, it is quite impressive. Glad you got the validation at work that you clearly deserve!

wendy said...

You are doing great. I am so impressed with all you do. You make me feel like a total lazy bum...

The cake is so cute! And congratulations on the visit from your boss!